News Round-up Week Ending 17 January

The Book of the CrowmanThe Black Dawn becomes visible

The artwork for The Book of the Crowman, the final part of Joseph D’Lacey’s Black Dawn saga has been released ahead of the book’s release date of 25 February. Be sure to check back to This Is Horror for the final verdict on the book.

A very Bloody Homecoming

A high school corridors become soaked in blood come Homecoming, in new slasher film Bloody Homecoming which is released in UK DVD by Image Entertainment on 10 March.

William Meikle lights a DarkFuse

DarkFuse have released William Meikle’s new novella Broken Sigil on KindleThe novella is described as a dark story of love and loss, and is available to buy now from Amazon.

Friday night double-bills return!

Horror Channel have announced that they are reviving Hammer double-bills on a Friday night. Starting in February the series will include Hammer classics such as The Devil Rides Out and Dracula: Prince of Darkness. The double-bills will run every Friday throughout February, for full details of the schedule head over to the Horror Channel website.


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