News Round-up Week Ending 15 March

Joe HillWorld Fantasy Convention carries on growing

New names and guests at World Fantasy Convention 2013 in Brighton, UK carry on being announced. The most recent name to be added is that of Horns author Joe Hill. World Fantasy Convention will also feature Richard Matheson and This Is Horror favourite Robert Lloyd Parry as M.R. James. Further details are available from the WFC 2013 website.

Grimm Up North slashes through March

Grimm Up North are hosting a night of fantastic slasher films on 26 March at the Stockport Plaza. The double bill will feature slasher documentary Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever and 1980s slasher epic Intruder. Tickets for this blood-soaked double bill are available from the Grimm Up North website.

Joe Hill talks NOS4A2

Joe Hill has posted a trailer for his phenomenal new book NOS4A2 (NOS4R2 for UK readers) on his website. Having been lucky enough to receive an early review copy This Is Horror are able to bring you this preview snippet from our forthcoming review of the book.

NOS4R2 is a trip into the ever expanding and fascinating imagination of Joe Hill. This book represents a huge step forward in terms of scope and quality of writing for Hill, which when you think about the books he has produced previously is an incredible achievement in itself. NOS4R2 is an exciting, exhilarating and terrifying journey through fantastical worlds that are hidden from most people and we should be thankful that it stays that way…

Be sure to check back to This Is Horror in April for the full verdict.

American Mary hits Canada

American Mary, the latest film from the Soska Sisters will be released in cinemas across Canada in May as part of the Sinister Cinema’s Horror Series. The film, along with John Dies At The End, No One Lives and The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh will be screened at 25 Cineplex cinemas across Canada. For dates and tickets be sure to check out the Cineplex website.

Little Reaper takes shape

Dream Seeker Productions and This Is Horror ‘Behind the Lens’ participant Peter Dukes are pleased to announce that post-production is under way on their latest film, a twisted horror/comedy called Little Reaper which stars Athena Baumeister and John Paul Ouvrier amongst others. Be sure to keep an eye on This Is Horror for future updates on this interesting project.


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