News Round-up Week Ending 14 February

Cult Film event in Birmingham

Cult Film Screenings are proud to announce a Demons event in Birmingham on 22 February. The event will feature an appearance from Bobby Rhodes star of Demons and Demons 2. The event will be held at The Custard Factory and tickets can be bought from the Cult Film Screenings website now.

Iron Sky: Dictator’s Cut lands on DVD

Iron Sky: Dictator’s Cut was released on DVD in the UK on 10 February. The Dictator’s Cut is the director’s original vision and is available as a special steelbook edition featuring extra features and 35 page booklet of original artwork. There is also a new trailer that has been made available to entice UK viewers to check out the film.

Tales of the Grotesque

Shadow Publishing have announced the release of Tales of the Grotesque: A Collection of Uneasy Tales by L.A. Lewis. This is the first paperback edition of a collection of rare stories by Lewis. The book includes an introduction by Richard Dalby and is available now from the Shadow Publishing website.

The Troop is set to be unleashed

The Troop is the new novel from Nick Cutter, the book has “scared the hell” out of Stephen King and is the a horror story of bioengineering gone horribly wrong. The Troop will be released on 25 February in both the UK and US.


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