News Round-up Week Ending 9 October 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

weird world war 3Weird World War Three, a new anthology edited by Sean Patrick Hazlett, out now

What if the United States had gone to war with the Soviet Union? What if these rival superpowers had fought on land, sea, air, and the astral plane? What if the Soviets and Americans had struggled for dominion across parallel dimensions or on the surface of the moon? How would the world have changed? What wonders would have been unveiled? What terrors would have haunted mankind from those dark and dismal dimensions? Come closer, peer through a glass darkly, and discover the horrifying alternative visions of World War III from some of today’s greatest minds in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Available in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy now, here.

Maggies GraveNew from writer David Sodergren, Maggie’s Grave, out now

The small Scottish town of Auchenmullan is dead, and has been for years. It sits in the shadow of a mountain, forgotten and atrophying in the perpetual gloom. Forty-seven residents are all that remain. There’s nothing to do there, nothing to see, except for a solitary grave near the top of the mountain. “Maggie Wall buried here as a witch” reads the faded inscription. But sometimes the dead don’t stay buried. Especially when they have unfinished business. From David Sodergren, author of Night Shoot and Dead Girl Blues, comes this latest tale of horror, about which Gemma Amor (author of Bram Stoker Award-nominated Dear Laura), says ““Maggie’s Grave is everything I love about a good horror story; slithery as a snake, with a nasty wee bite that will sting for a while. Compelling, immersive, and unashamedly Scottish.” Available in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy right here, now.

MidnightInThePentagramComing 13 October from Silver Shamrock, Midnight in the Pentagram, a new anthology of occult horror, edited by Kenneth W. Cain

As the clock’s pendulum steadily counts down towards the midnight hour, the growing scent of brimstone hangs heavy in the air. The universal symbol of all that is evil, the pentagram, or the inverted pentacle, has been carved in the hardwood floor. Its shape is often described as the goat of lust attacking the Heavens with its horns during the witches’ sabbat. Five obsidian candles flicker as the incantations begin. Who will be summoned during this unholy evening? Will it be Baphomet? Or Belial? Maybe even Lucifer himself? The roof timbers groan. Stressed plaster drops to the floor. The demon approaches, holding its ancient grimoire filled with evil stories, written in blood…and here they are. Featuring a who’s who of horror authors , you can pre-order your copy right here, now.

WomenoftheWoodsWomen of the Woods, an anthology featuring Mary Rajotte, Marshall Moore and others, out now

Only the brave enter the woods—those who aren’t afraid of witches, shapeshifters, curses, and darkness. In this delightfully eerie anthology, only the fearless survive. These spooky, fantastic, and gothic tales will remind you that bedtime stories—those read in the dark—are for adults too. Women of the Woods promises to keep you up at night while introducing you to more than a dozen talented authors. From dark fantasy to folk horror, Women of the Woods has a mix of frightening stories reminiscent of those by Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Washington Irving but with a modern touch. Enter the woods… if you dare. Pick up your copy in paperback and eBook now, here.


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