News Round-up Week Ending 8 March 2024

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Mean Spirited Coming soon banner

Arriving 15 March from author Nick Roberts and Crystal Lake Publishing, Mean Spirited

Matt Matheny teaches during the day, drinks at night, and barely hides his functioning alcoholism from his veterinarian ex-wife, Lucy, and his six-year-old son, Mikey. His world spirals out of control when a former student is killed, and he’s left with her dog, Conehead. But something isn’t right with Conehead. A dark presence follows him, and very soon, people around him die. Matt realizes the only way to protect his son is to sober up and work with Lucy to expose the dog’s mysterious past and face a secret so shocking—an evil so relentless—that it threatens to unleash hell on an entire town. Available for pre-order now in eBook, paperback and hardcover editions, you can guarantee your copy here.

ThroughEyesDesperationOut now from writer Daniel J. Volpe and Bad Dream Books, Through the Eyes of Desperation: The Black Version

At Shadows Casino, this isn’t just a phrase, it’s a grim reality. Far from prying eyes is a world of decadent pleasure, and unimaginable pain, where only the desperate or the rich dare to tread.
Cee is the leader of the sinister establishment, but that hasn’t always been her story. Long before she’d ever heard of a parlay or letting it ride, Cee was just a little girl with a daddy who liked to gamble. And when her daddy brought her into Shadows, he made a bet that changed both of their lives forever.
Years later, Cee is thrust back into the murky depths of her childhood memories, thanks to the story of a new bettor: a mysterious man whose situation is eerily similar to her past.
Will the bettor’s tale of desperation crack the façade she’s erected? Or will Cee have him ground to a bloody pulp? Available now in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.

HellfallNew from author Jay Gould and Castle Bridge Media, Hellfall

From Noodles author Jay Gould, a horror adventure that brings the monstrous madness of DOOM to JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH; in which after an explosion destroys a drilling rig, an expert drill engineer joins an expedition down the hole the rig has opened up: a tunnel to a demon-infested world that clearly influenced ancient art and may be literal Hell. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.

HeadlessAvailable now from writer Scott Cole and Grindhouse Press, Headless

In the midst of a heat wave punctuated by frequent rainstorms, people are losing their heads. Literally. Not only that, but their bodies are still walking, and attacking others.
And to make matters worse, tiny, translucent, maggot-sized worms are falling from the skies like hail.
As uncanny violence threatens to take over the city, Linzy, Carter, and Joanna become fast friends and leave for points unknown, hoping to stay alive, hoping to outrun the Headless. Available in eBook and paperback editions, you can pick up your copy here.


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