News Round-up Week Ending 7 November

The Devil's Detective

A clue from The Devil’s Detective

Three weeks ago This Is Horror announced the upcoming release of Simon Kurt Unsworth’s debut novel The Devil’s Detective, in which the plot follows information man, Thomas Fool, on a mission through the belly of the underworld. Now, you can sample it for yourself before general release in Spring next year. The book is due to be published by Del Rey in UK on 12 March, and by Doubleday in the US on 3 March. But, for those who can’t wait for then can tantalise your taste buds with this amuse bouche from ZenoAgency.

Moody’s Strangers

Infected Books have announced David Moody’s latest novel Strangers. The author announced that his book will be released on Monday 1 December. The news gets better, through Moody’s website you can now pre-order a signed copy of Strangers and you will receive a complementary ebook copy immediately. For more information and to purchase a copy,  please visit the Infected Books website.

Get your own Tusks for the New Year

From the writer and director of Mallrats, Dogma and Clerks, comes Kevin Smith’s latest film to own on Blu-Ray and  DVD. If you didn’t manage to catch Tusk in the cinema then you can get your own copy  from Tuesday 30 December. Starring Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment and Johnny Depp the film narrates the story of podcaster, Wallace Bryton, who goes into the woods to interview a man called Mr Howe. When Bryton doesn’t return his family and friends become increasingly concerned, and the search begins. Copies are available to pre-order now.

Malevolent offerings from the creators of The Spectral Times

The editor of The Spectral Times and, has announced a brand new supernatural horror comic series by the name of Malevolents. The comics are based loosely on true stories, and will aim to recreate horrific tales along with unsettling illustrations. The comic’s imagery is created by illustrator Joe Becci. The first installation, “Click Click” tells of four boys who spent the night in the most haunted house in “London” and the consequences of their chivalry. This Is Horror will reveal more news as it comes in.




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