News Round-up Week Ending 7 May 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

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Queen of the Cicadas, coming 22 June from writer V. Castro and Flame Tree Press

2018 – Belinda Alvarez has returned to Texas for the wedding of her best friend Veronica. The farm is the site of the urban legend, La Reina de Las Chicharras – The Queen of The Cicadas. In 1950s south Texas a farmworker- Milagros from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, is murdered. Her death is ignored by the town, but not the Aztec goddess of death, Mictecacíhuatl. The goddess hears the dying cries of Milagros and creates a plan for both to be physically reborn by feeding on vengeance and worship. Belinda and the new owner of the farmhouse – Hector, find themselves immersed in the legend and realize it is part of their fate as well. You can pre-order your copy of one of this summer’s most hotly-anticipated horror titles in hardcover, paperback and eBook editions, right now.

WetwiredOut now from Arconos Books and writer Ian Woodhead, Wetwired, an organic horror novel

Joshua and his family were returning home after a two-day camping trip. Terry, Angie and their two boys were following in the car behind. He honestly believed that venturing out into the wilderness while leaving all their electronic companions would help bring their family together, to heal the widening fractures between them. How could he have been so naive? Without the comforting small plastic slab of dreams held in front of their eyes, his wife and two daughters had made his life hell. They were eager to return home and so was he. They all sensed something was seriously wrong when the two cars rolled through the outskirts of Colman’s Pass. Peace and quiet usually ruled their home town but it shouldn’t be this quiet. Where is everyone? Wait, is that blood splashed across that front door? Death and change has beaten the two families to Colman’s Pass, only the lack of electronic devices saved them from meeting the same terrible fate as the other town’s inhabitants. Together, they’ll have to ward off the new denizens of Colman’s Pass, a vile mesh of flesh and electronics. Available now in eBook format, you can grab your copy here.

TheNakedEyeComing 11 May from Encyclopocalypse Publications and writer Paul Kane, The Naked Eye

A winter’s day, and something terrifyingly dangerous is waiting out there in the snow, while at the same time an even more dangerous curse is spoken… In a possible future a monster uprising is in full flow, but a couple have their own problems to deal with when they’re stuck in a very strange queue… And while a scientist attempts to rid humanity of all evil, a female werewolf is on the prowl… Here we have a clutch of stories by award-winning and # 1 bestselling author Paul Kane (Hooded ManSherlock Holmes and the Servants of HellBeforeArcana), including another one of his popular horror fairy tales and a ‘Mortis-Man’ prequel, proving once again that there’s more to this world than can be seen by the Naked Eye. With an introduction by Sunday Times bestselling author Cavan Scott (Doctor Who: The Shining Man) and cover by Christian Francis (Wishmaster: The Novelisation) you might just find yourself taking another look at what you thought was possible. Watch out! Released 11 May, you can pre-order your copy right now, here.

IncarnationsMarielaPenaOut now from writer Steven J Dines as part of Black Shuck Books’ signature novella series, The Incarnations of Mariela Peña

Released at the end of April 2021 as part of Black Shuck Books’ Signature Novella Series, The Incarnations of Mariela Peña is the latest release from author Steven J Dines (Look Where You Are Going Not Where You Have Been). Described as a brutally honest story about love at its heart, Dines describes this as his best work to date. Available in paperback (with the eBook exclusively available direct from the Black Shuck Books website), you can get hold of your copy here.


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