News Round-up Week Ending 7 June 2024

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


Out now from author L. P. Hernandez and Dark Lit Press, No Gods, Only Chaos

L.P. Hernandez weaves a tapestry of darkness, plunging the reader into worlds steeped in the macabre and eerie. Within these tales are human monsters searching for purpose, realities on the brink, and an old god waiting for a bargain. The book lures readers into the depths of human fear and the unknown, promising a journey along pathways as haunting as they are unforgettable. This collection is a chilling exploration of the darkness of the human psyche, created for those who find solace in the night’s deepest shadows. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.

TheTruestSenseComing 11 June from writer Laura Keating and Cemetery Gates Media, The Truest Sense

From Laura Keating, author of Agony’s Lodestone, come fifteen new tales of terror to torment the senses. In this collection, Horror is … The last moments of a team of doomed archeologists, lost in a cave that defies time, trapped with unspeakable, moving images, and a strange, grinning presence … The white-eyed children gathered behind an abandoned kissing gate, and the ragged-toothed queen no one believes is real … The celebrity demonologists, confident in their abilities and faith – until they meet a grotesque new Adversary … The odd little girl of many skills who is followed by four yellow birds – and a gruesome secret … The mysterious person atop an old lighthouse, searching for salvation and caught in a desperate race from the law – and themself … The town trapped in the thrall of a shadowy, alien force; compelled to forget and to build – by whatever means and material available … Available for pre-order now in eBook and paperback editions, you can guarantee your copy here.


Arriving 24 June from writer Steve Stred and Dark Lit Press, When I Look at the Sky, All I See Are Stars

Dr. Rachel Hoggendorf has seen it all. An accomplished psychiatrist, she’s always prided herself on connecting to the patients who’ve been brought to the facility, no matter how difficult or closed-off they are. That is, until David arrives.
At first, she listens to what David has to say. How he claims to be four-hundred-years-old and possessed by a demon. She diagnosis him as having multiple personalities and approaches his treatment as such.
But as their time together continues, David begins to share details he shouldn’t know and begins to lash out violently. When Rachel brings in her colleague Dr. Dravendash, David’s behavior escalates and it’s not long before they begin to wonder if David just might be telling the truth. That he’s possessed by a demonic presence… and it wants out. Available for pre-order now in eBook and paperback editions, you can guarantee your copy here.


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