News Round-up Week Ending 6 May 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


Dark Lines, the new collection by author Jack Harding, out now from Dark Lit Press

From the author of Ripper Country comes sixteen tales of psychological horror, each more frightening than the last. Venture into a dark and brooding world of twists and turns where things are rarely as they seem, and terror reigns supreme… A mother is haunted by an apocalyptic vision…a husband banished to the couch is awoken by a bump in the night…a vampire catches up with an old friend…a brooding man-child suffers some unpleasant side effects from a new medication…an office worker’s routine commute home turns out to be anything but… Let Jack Harding take you on a perilous journey into the nightmare-inducing landscape he has crafted for your enjoyment. Dark Lines: Haunting Tales of Horror is a versatile and gut-wrenching collection that will stir your senses, and stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. To pick up your copy in hardcover, paperback or eBook formats, click here.

HearUsScreamNew crowdfunding project on Indiegogo for a second volume of the Hear Us Scream anthology

Hear Us Scream: The Voices of Horror is an anthology of personal essays by women and non-binary genre fans from across the horror community. Our diverse authors share their intensely personal connections to horror and the impact the genre has had on their lives. The first volume of the anthology collection successfully launched in December of 2021. It was born out of an impulsive tweet and has now become a book series, an online media outlet, and a YouTube channel. This second volume will contain the essays of 36 horror loving writers! A whole 10 (+1) more essays than the first. To find out about the writers involved, and to pledge your support in exchange for some exciting perks, check out the Indiegogo page, here.


Orphans of Bliss, a new anthology of addiction horror edited by Mark Matthews, out now from Wicked Run Press

Addiction is the perpetual epidemic, where swarms of human moths flutter to the flames of hell. Because that warm blanket of a heroin high, that joyful intoxication of a pint of vodka, that electric energy from a line of cocaine, over time leaves you with a cold loneliness and a bitter heart. Relationships destroyed, bodies deteriorate, loved ones lost, yet the craving continues for that which is killing us—living, as the title suggests, like an Orphan of Bliss. Welcome to the third and final fix of addiction horror and the follow up to the Shirley Jackson Award Finalist, Lullabies For Suffering. A diverse table of contents brought together for an explosive grand finale–an unflinching look at the insidious nature of addiction, told with searing honesty but compassion for those who suffer. Available in hardcover, paperback and eBook editions, you can get hold of your copy here.

The Exorcist's House

Out today from writer Nick Roberts and Crystal Lake Publishing, The Exorcist’s House

In the summer of 1994, psychologist Daniel Hill buys a rustic farmhouse nestled in the rolling hills of West Virginia. Along with his wife and teenage daughter, the family uproots their lives in Ohio and moves south. They are initially seduced by the natural beauty of the country setting. That soon changes when they discover a hidden room in the basement with a well, boarded shut and adorned with crucifixes. Local legends about the previous owner being an exorcist come to light, but by then, all Hell has broken loose. This 1990s horror novel is perfect for fans of family thriller books, stories of demonic possession, exorcism fiction, the occult, or thrillers like The Exorcist, A Head Full of Ghostsand The Amityville Horror. To pick up your copy in paperback or eBook, click here.


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