News Round-up Week Ending 6 December 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Corruption Alston HouseNew from writer John Quick and Silver Shamrock Publishing, The Corruption of Alston House, available for pre-order now

Released 10 December from Silver Shamrock Publishing is The Corruption of Alston House, by John Quick (The Damnation Trail). When Katherine bought Alston House, she saw it as a chance to turn her life around. A fresh start. But the real estate agent who closed the deal didn’t tell her about the dark secrets lurking there. Can she uncover the dark secrets at the heart of the town, or will she become the latest victim? You can pre-order your copy right now, here.

Midnight ExhibitThe Midnight Exhibit, part of Unnerving’s new Rewind or Die series, available for pre-order now

A wealthy couple drunkenly ditch their car and a strange tow truck driver regales them with off-putting stories, stories relating strangely to their personal lives. With short fiction by Stephen Graham Jones (Mongrels, Mapping the Interior, The Only Good Indians), Philip Fracassi (Behold the Void, Sacculina), and Renee Miller (Cats Like Cream, The One You Feed). This collection of short fiction forms part of Unnerving’s ‘Rewind or Die’ series. You can pre-order this individual title here, or you can grab a subscription to the twenty releases  for 2020 in paperback or eBook format here.

Dancing with the DeadNew short fiction collection, Dancing with the Dead, by Eddie Generous, coming 17 December

From Eddie Generous, author of Radio Run and Great Big Teeth, comes Dancing with the Dead, a collection of short fiction. From the Egyptian artifact hiding in a small town basement in ‘House on Manager’s Row’, to the ghastly visitations in ‘The Bridge Home’, ‘A Christmas Wish’, and ‘Monster Under the Bed,’ this collection offers up twisted and suspenseful tales of monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, zombies, horrible people, and all the magic of the spaces between. Available for pre-order now, you can get hold of your very own copy, here.

30minutesPart Two of Matthew Vaughn’s Thirty Minutes or Less home invasion trilogy, available now

One year following the devastating attack by the 30 Minutes or Less Killer, Bella and her family are trying to move on with their lives. They’ve bought a new house out in the country, far away from the nightmare that Bella lived through. No one has heard from the 30 Minutes or Less Killer, no one knows if he’s gone underground, or moved far away — hiding and plotting his revenge on the one person to have survived his attacks. Even with all the mental and emotional scars, is one year enough time to start relaxing and hoping he’s gone for good? You can get hold of your copy of this second installment, here.


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