News Round-up Week Ending 5 July 2024

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

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Third and final volume of Draw You In, the new series from author Jasper Bark and Crystal Lake Publishing out today

Is the whole of history a convenient lie?
That’s how it’s beginning to look to Linda, Richard and Agent McPherson as they hunt for Tales That Draw You In, cartoonist R. L. Carver’s legendary lost work. The key to finding it could lie in a memory Linda’s repressed, from when she was a captive of the serial killer Henry McLaughlin.
The sinister cabal known as the Shadows in the Cave is also keen to retrieve Linda’s memory. Their reasons are linked to a military compound in the Chihuahuan desert and a clandestine psychic espionage program. Linda, Richard and McPherson learn that more than their own lives hang in the balance. The program’s terrible purpose could bring about the end of the world as we know it. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can grab your copy here.

HauntedScotlandNew from writer William Meikle and Weird House Press, Haunted Scotland

Scotland is the perfect location for supernatural story telling. All those lonely hillsides, stone circles, ancient buildings and fog are ripe for stories to be creeping about in.

Then there’s all the fighting. A country that’s been at war with either somebody else or with itself for most of its existence can’t help but be filled with stories of love and loss, heroism and betrayal.

And when it’s raining and dreich, what better than to sit by a fire with a stiff drink and tell some stories?

These ones are mine to tell, ranging from the borders to the highlands, the central belt to the far islands, and covering the depth and range of Scottish history. Available now in eBook and paperback editions, you can pick up your copy here.

LonesomePyresArriving 24 August from author Eric Raglin and Off Limits Press, Lonesome Pyres

A lesbian teams up with an ancient filth god to destroy her puritanical landlady. A lonely entrepreneur discovers companionship among the serial killer corpses he sells to true crime fanatics. A desperate woman visits a claw machine full of human organs to win a kidney for her dying wife. An incel uses a controversial technology to find his one true love.
Eric Raglin, author of Extinction Hymns, returns with Lonesome Pyres, a new collection of horror and Weird fiction. Creeps, loners, and outsiders haunt these nineteen stories, fighting for survival in a hostile society and seeking pleasure while the world burns. Available for pre-order now in eBook, with other editions to follow soon, you can guarantee your copy here.

WolfMoonFuryDocumentary film project, Wolf Moon Fury, now on Kickstarter

UK authors Keith Anthony Baird and Beverley Lee firmly believed it was time to write a vampire tale which explored a different kind of origin story. Thus, the passion project which would become a rich and deliciously dark novella emerged to garner interest from Kansas-based publisher Brigids Gate Press. Set for release in November 2024, the book A Light of Little Radiance will be available worldwide in a number of formats and feature cover art by the illustrator Daniella Batsheva. This is an all-round collaborative effort, involving talented creators eager to bring the story to life (even if undead).

The documentary is the telling of another tale: of the book’s inception – the collaboration process – the road to market, and will be a film that encapsulates the atmosphere and premise of the book itself.

Shot on location in the UK, the production will be in the safe hands of Mycho Entertainment Group, Milton Keynes, with a nod to Disturbia Films, Vancouver, Canada. The authors will provide insight into all of the above and a lone actor is set to portray the main character Selina in various locales throughout. All in all, it will prove an interesting and atmospheric journey into the world of dark fiction publishing. The Kickstarter is live now with a number of pledge levels and associated perks, and you can find all the information here.


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