News Round-up Week Ending 5 February 2016

Here’s a selection of some of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week…

John Carpenter Announces ‘Lost Themes II’ available for Preorder

Horror icon John Carpenter has announced the preorder of his next musical offering, Lost Themes II. Continuing with the premise of ‘soundtracks for movies that only exist in your mind’, Carpenter’s signature synth pieces are as much a part of his individual style as his films. Releasing April 15, 2016, Lost Themes II is sure to be another hit from Carpenter.

You can preorder via Amazon (UK) HERE and Amazon (USA) HERE.

The Hallow comes to DVD in March (UK)

From first-time writer-director Corin Hardy, with a cast of genre stars including Michael Smiley (Kill List, The Lobster, Spaced), Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic, and Michael McElhatton, The Hallow spins a classic fairy tale to horrific ramifications. The film releases on digital download March 7 and on DVD March 21 in the UK, and is set to come out April 5 on Blu-Ray and DVD in the US.

 The Official Synopsis: Deep within the darkness of secluded forest land in rural Ireland dwells an ancient evil. Feared by the nearby superstitious villagers as cursed creatures who prey upon the lost, their secrets have been kept from civilization and remain on their hallowed ground. But when a conservationist from London moves in with his wife and infant child in order to survey the land for future construction, his actions unwittingly disturb the horde of demonic forces. Alone in a remote wilderness, he must now ensure his family’s survival from their relentless attacks.

Order The Hallow (UK) HERE.

Indie Horror Game Kholat to Hit PS4 in March

Based on the true events called The Dyatlov Pass Incident, Polish developer IMGN.PRO is set to release their horror game Kholat for PS4. Already available for Steam, the game takes a nonlinear approach to the story, allowing players to explore the world; taking all the time they need to investigate this real unsolved mystery. Narrated by Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), The story concerns nine hikers on Siberia’s ‘Dead Mountain’ in 1959, and as recently used for the film Devil’s Pass (2013). The game has currently been discounted for Steam players, and is set to hit the PS4 console March 8 in the US and Europe.

The Complete Tenth Season of Supernatural to hit Blu-ray and DVD (UK)

The complete 10th season of the hit TV series Supernatural is coming to the UK March 21 on DVD and Blu-Ray from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. All 23 episodes packed with over four hours of bonus content – including featurettes, commentaries, a Comic-Con panel, deleted scenes, and a gag reel.

Official season synopsis: After Dean Winchester lost his battle with power-mad angel scribe Metatron last season, he was resurrected by the power of the First Blade and transformed into a demon, cursed with the Mark of Cain. The road to recovering wayward Dean takes brother Sam down sinister paths himself, with consequences that will shake the boys to their core. The Winchesters’ angelic comrade-in-arms Castiel must pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Metatron’s campaign to overtake Heaven. With his divine “grace” failing and rogue angels still loose, Cass faces the ticking clock of his own mortality while all-new and ages-old threats again push our heroes to their human and otherworldly limits. At the same time, the King of Hell, Crowley, must deal with dissension within his own twisted family. Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season will unleash your inner demon and hold you spellbound.

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki (Friday the 13th, Gilmore Girls) and Jensen Ackles (Smallville, My Bloody Valentine) as Sam and Dean Winchester, in addition to Misha Collins (24, Girl Interrupted) as Castiel and Mark A. Sheppard (In the Name of the Father, White Collar) as Crowley. Bonus content includes:

A Very Special Supernatural Special
Supernatural Theatre: Staging The 200th Episode
The Winchester Mythology: Battling the Mark and The Blade
Supernatural Fans
Supernatural at Comic-Con 2014
Three audio commentaries.

Order Supernatural: Season 10 (UK) HERE.
Order Supernatural: Season 10 (US) HERE.

Noctuidae by Scott Nicolay Available for Preorder

Writer and host of The Outer Dark Podcast, Scott Nicolay, has announced the preorder of his latest novella, Noctuidae, coming from King Shot Press. Nicolay returns to the setting of his debut Ana Kai Tangata, and explores even weirder terrain from the cross-cultural perspective of Sue-Min, a young Korean woman adopted by American parents. Sue-Min, her boyfriend Ron, and Pete, who may have ulterior motives, hike into an Arizona canyon where they find themselves trespassing on the territory of something not quite natural…something that very big. Called a mix of Winter’s Bone and relentless Cosmic Horror, Noctuidae will be available March 11, 2016.

Pre-orders are available HERE.

Horror Comedy Clinger Arrives February 1 in the UK

clingerWinner of the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival 2015 for best Horror Comedy, Clinger hits DVD and digital download February 1, 2016 in the UK. Clinger is a blood-soaked coming-of-age story about the horrors of first love. High school senior Fern Peterson has her life turned upside down when her overly affectionate boyfriend, Robert Klingher (Vincent Martella – The Walking Dead, Phineas & Herb), dies in an embarrassing accident. When Robert returns from the dead as a love-sick ghost, he tries to reunite with Fern – only to have his heart broken. Robert plots to kill Fern so they can be together forever, forcing Fern to fight for her very life.

Order Clinger (UK) HERE.

Judge Dredd Magazine Serialises Realm of the Damned Graphic Novel in May

Judge Dredd magazine will host Alec Worley’s Realm of the Damned, a Black Metal-infused gothic horror series. Drawn by Simon ‘Pye’ Parr (2000 AD), the story is set in a dystopian world run by vampires. The Vatican’s last line of paranormal defense – The Congregation – has finally been overrun by the supernatural forces of darkness. With all our heroes dead, only the damned remain. Among them is Alberic Van Helsing; addict, murderer, survivor. When an apocalyptic evil is resurrected in the forests of Norway, it falls to Van Helsing to become the hunter once again. Van Helsing’s quest for survival takes him through the ruins of a neo-gothic Europe, where he faces the vampire queen of the Vatican, a man-made monster with the heart of a storm, the lycanthropic lord of the forest, the mummified ruler of the slums of Cairo, and the crazed vampire demi-god who threatens to devour them all. Featuring appearances from Behemoth, Emperor and Mayhem, Realm of the Damned will debut in the Judge Dredd Magazine #369 on February 17, 2016.

Available at comic book stores worldwide and newsagents in the UK, as well as digitally from 2000 AD’s webstore. ‘Werewolf Press’ will release the first installment of four ‘Realm of The Damned’ books, Tenebris Deos, on Friday the 13 May, 2016.

You can get more information and news on Realm of the Damned HERE.

Mark of the Witch Set for February 15 UK Release

Previously screened at FrightFest under the title Another, demonic chiller Mark of the Witch is set to hit DVD in the UK this February 15.

Here’s the official synopsis:
A beautiful young woman is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil’s daughter. When her 18th birthday celebrations are put to a dramatic end, triggering a chain of mysterious events, Jordyn is drawn into a world of demonic possession, distorted realities and odd obsessions.

Grab yourself a copy by clicking HERE.

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