News Round-up Week Ending 4 November 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


Out now from writer Christopher Badcock and Darklit Press, Those You Killed

Bestselling author, father, husband. Junkie. Elwood Cathis gave up everything for the needle. Desperate to rebuild a relationship with his daughter and ex-wife, he’s come to Lake Chance, a once-bustling vacation hot spot, now caught in the throes of a prolonged demise. Tainted and scarred by past events, it’s a place that echoes his own existence. Echoes… Something echoes. It calls out, like a forgotten broadcast stuck on repeat. Something in the forest. Something infernal that only he and others like him can hear; the lost, the weak, the tormented. Suffering from intense withdrawal and plagued by nightmarish visions, Elwood will confront the lake’s dark past, and in doing so, uncover parts of himself he lost at the tip of a needle, and so much more. Available now in eBook and paperback, with the eBook edition free for a limited time only, you can get hold of your copy here.

InTheGrimdarkStrandsoftheSpinneretAvailable for pre-order now from Brigids Gate Press and author Keith Anthony Baird, In The Grimdark Strands of the Spinneret

Betrayal brings grave ending to a noble bloodline. Forced to flee, its sole surviving heir is spared this fate by the timely intervention of a haunter of the wilds. In his charge, the maiden embraces the lore of the dark arts and rises to become the watch-keep of the woods. As decades pass, with her legend growing, the ‘witch of root and earth’ weaves subtle deceits in a tangled web of vengeance. But will there be a fairy tale ending, or will poisoned legacies and pacts with dark forces see ambition unravel in her relentless pursuit of power? Bloody, and brilliantly realised, Baird’s dark fantasy nightmare spins a lavish tale of dread, desire, and fantastical fury. Arriving 22 November, you can pre-order your copy now in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow.

VasquezNew from writer V. Castro and Titan Books, Aliens: Vasquez

Even before the doomed mission to Hadley’s Hope, Jenette Vasquez had to fight to survive. Born to an immigrant family with a long military tradition she looked up to the stars, but life pulled her back down to Earth—first into a street gang, then prison. The Colonial Marines proved to be Vasquez’s way out—a way that forced her to give up her twin children. Raised by Jenette’s sister Roseanna, those children—Leticia and Ramón—have been forced to discover their own ways to survive. Leticia by following her mother’s path into the military, Ramón by embracing the corporate hierarchy of Weyland-Yutani. Their paths converge on an unnamed world, which some see as a potential utopia, while others would use it for highly secretive research. Regardless of what humans might have planned for it, however, Xenomorphs will turn the planet into a living hell. Sarcastic, sexy, and action-packed, Vasquez brings generational heritage into the Alien universe in an explosive way. Available now in hardcover, eBook and audio book editions, you can grab your copy here.

InTheDevilsCradleComing 22 November from writer S. L. Edwards and Wordhorde, In the Devil’s Cradle

Senator William Esquival is in a rush to save his family’s life. Fleeing political persecution, William takes his family from the capital and flees to the family stronghold of Rio Rojo, a town known as the birthplace of William’s ancestor, a powerful former dictator whose legacy haunts the nation of Antioch. But even as the Esquival family seeks refuge, the country continues to fray around them. As Antioch bleeds, ancient hatreds, secrets, and ghosts pour from its wounds. From S. L. Edwards comes debut novel In the Devil’s Cradle, a captivating haunted house story where the house is an entire country, a nation coming apart due to influences both internal and external, both natural and supernatural. Available for pre-order now in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow, you can guarantee your copy here.

TheGrowthLivesOut now from writer Adam Hulse and Raven Tale, The Growth Lives

The Growth has taken over the UK and is heading for Europe. Most have been driven mad by the gas that failed to destroy it, and the few who managed to avoid the gas now struggle to survive. Religious zealots believe the Growth will purge the world of sin, which will lead to a reset for humanity. A scientist is working on a formula to eradicate the Growth, but his rescue seems impossible. Meanwhile, a former boxer fights her way through gas-affected maniacs to rescue her friends from the Brotherhood who would sacrifice them. Available now in eBook with a paperback edition to follow, you can pick up your copy here.

DivisionXOut now from Brother Mockingbird and writer August Hill, Division X

We all have a monster within… understatement of the year. For 24-year-old Randi Matheson, she quite literally does. On every full moon, it rears its hairy head. She wasn’t always like this. Ever since her attack, the animal comes out to play. And on one full moon, the beast inside tries to eat her younger brother. Division X, a paramilitary group hellbent on the eradication of monsters, intervenes and saves Randi’s brother from being devoured. They take Randi far away and imprison her in a place no monster can escape. Held captive, Randi is given an ultimatum. Work for Division X as a new weapon in the fight against evil or be dissected. Without a real choice, she chooses the former and experiences the dark underbelly of reality as she faces off against vampires, demons, and redneck serial killers. Promised a cure to her condition along the way, Randi does her best to stay alive. Available now in eBook and paperback editions, you can grab yours here.


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