News Round-up Week Ending 4 March 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


Burn the Plans, the debut collection by Tyler Jones, out now from Cemetery Gates Media

From Tyler Jones (author of CriteriumThe Dark Side of the Room, and Almost Ruth) comes Burn the Plans, a collection featuring fifteen tales of supernatural suspense. In “A Sharp Black Line” children go missing whenever a ghostly island appears in the center of a river during a storm, and a father must make a terrible choice. Two young brothers are tasked with burying the family dog, and uncover dark family secrets in “Trigger.” In “Red Hands” a disturbed man goes on a killing spree, and his childhood friend suspects it has something to do with what they found, many years ago, hidden in a cave. A courtroom sketch artist draws the evil she cannot see in “The Devil on the Stand.” A young boy sets out to get photographic proof of the ghosts that haunt his home in “Boo!” Grotesque government experiments, a remote viewer who blurs past and future, a crate that contains ancient evil, and bloodthirsty machines are all part of the world in which these tales take place. Featuring fourteen short stories and one novelette, Burn the Plans is a relentless journey into the dark places we end up when all of our plans go wrong. Available now in paperback, eBook and hard cover editions, you can grab your copy now.

AndTheNightDidClaimThemOut now from writer Duncan P Bradshaw and Black Shuck Books, And the Night Did Claim Them

The night is a place where the places and people we see during the day are changed. Their properties – especially how we interact and consider them – are altered. But more than that, the night changes us as people. It’s a time of day which both hides us away in the shadows and opens us up for reflection. Where we peer up at the stars, made aware of our utter insignificance and wonder, ‘what if?’ This book takes something that links every single one of us, and tries to illuminate its murky depths, finding things both familiar and alien. It’s a story of loss, hope, and redemption; a barely audible whisper within, that even in our darkest hour, there is the promise of the light again. Available now in paperback and eBook editions, you can get your copy here.

LondonGothicUp now on Kickstarter, London Gothic, a new four-part British graphic novel of supernatural horror adventure

An enthralling supernatural, horror adventure, full of mystery that marks the debut of an exciting new voice in the British comic book market and is the first of a four-chapter series, each as gripping and terrifying as the last, that will leave you screaming out for more. A twisted horrific historic tale, moving back and forth through the time of man, of light and dark, of myths and monsters, of good and evil, of death and destruction, of greed and avarice. Set in a fictional London era of depravation and impoverished humanity, where evil hides in the eerie darkness of London’s alleyways and in the repellent, maze of ancient sewer systems below the cobbled streets of slums.  To find out more, and to pledge and claim one of a number of exclusive perks, head over to the Kickstarter page, here.


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