News Round-up Week Ending 4 June 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

sacramentFrom writer Steve Stred, Sacrament, the final instalment of the Father of Lies trilogy, out now

Following the events of COMMUNION, Professor Bianchi knows that Father is getting closer to finally completing the steps to ultimately open the doorway and ascend to the Black Heavens. Father is bound and determined to take his place alongside the cosmic chaos Gods. With this in mind, Bianchi must seek out the man himself and try and find a way to put a stop to Father’s madness, even as Father himself begins to transform. The stunning conclusion to the Father of Lies Trilogy will leave you filthy and finally discovering the true nature of the Black Heavens. Available now in paperback and eBook, you can buy your copy here.

Wildwood coverWildwood: Tales of Terror and Transformation from the Forest, an anthology of rare and classic horror stories, out now

Unnamable nightmares lurk in the wild. Do you dare stray from the path? Witness the sylvan horrors of nature with Wildwood: Tales Of Terror & Transformation From The Forest, the first anthology in the Shadow House Library of Weird Fiction series. Forests fill us with fear and fascination, evoking dread of the unknown while promising savage freedom. Anthologist William P. Simmons invites you to get lost in the woods with 15 rare and classic horror stories of eldritch altars, haunted forests, and sylvan dread. See pagan rituals in doom-laden groves and the great god Pan wreak havoc in stygian glades. Encounter woodland elementals and a weird wilderness of spirits, faerie, and furrow fiends. Available now in paperback and eBook, you can grab your copy here.

UnburiedOut now, Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction, edited by Rebecca Rowland

In a bloody twist on the antiquated trope of “burying the gays,” the newest anthology from Dark Ink Books boasts brand new short stories spotlighting LGBTQ+ characters. Presenting the darkest of themes as explored by sixteen established and award-winning genre fiction scribes from around the globe, Unburied contains creature features and paranormal hauntings, shadow fables and dreadful delusions. This twisted box of curiosities serves the readers a cornucopia of chilling horror, sci-fi terror, and dark fantasy. Prepare to unearth your deepest nightmares. With tales by Azzura Nox, George Daniel Lea, Veronica Kirin, Greg Herren and more, you can pick up your copy in hardcover, paperback, eBook or audiobook, here.

Spiffing ebook coverComing 9 June from author Tim Mendees and Red Cape Publishing, Spiffing: A cosmic horror novella

From Tim Mendees, author of Burning Reflection, comes Spiffing: A Cosmic Horror Novella. Bertie Lexington-Brown is famous for throwing the most spiffing of parties at his sprawling estate of Chycoose Manor, and the evening of his fortieth birthday is no exception. Only this particular night will turn into something rather unexpected as Bertie inadvertently unleashes forces beyond his control. What should have been an evening of drunkenness and debauchery soon sees his guests fighting for their lives. Available for pre-order now in eBook, with a paperback to follow, you can guarantee your copy here.


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