News Round-up Week Ending 30 March 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Cthulu concertinaArtist Lyndon White begins kickstarter for Call of Cthulu adaptation to ‘concertina book’

Following his successful kickstarters for last year’s releases of Dracula and Dante’s Inferno, artist Lyndon White has this time turned to the work of Lovecraft for his inspiration. For each of the scenes in the classic tale, The Call of Cthulu, he has designed a tile with a beautifully realised image. These are bound together in a folding concertina format, making for a beautiful and haunting new way to experience the classic story. With signed and numbered copies of the book available on the kickstarter for only £8, it looks like this could be something for Lovecraft fans to get their hands on. You can reserve your copy, and pledge for a variety of other perks here.

The Cured

The Cured, coming this May, offers a terrifying new perspective on the zombie sub-genre

Scheduled for UK release on 11 May, The Cured is the zombie film that the sub-genre may well need. As zombie cinema becomes more common, so it becomes more mundane and predictable. The Cured offers the curve ball of a cure for the zombie affliction. But once cured, how do former zombies deal with their past actions? How can life return to normal? Take a look at the brand new trailer, below.

Little Black Spots

Grey Matter Press confirm release of Little Black Spots, a new short story collection from John F. D. Taff

Featuring sixteen stories, collected for the first time, Little Black Spots looks at the horror that lurks within the human psyche. From the tale of a cult that glorifies spontaneous human combustion, to a living car park, there ought to be something to scare anyone. The release date is as yet unconfirmed. Keep your eyes on This is Horror for more information on this.


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