News Round-up Week Ending 3 June 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

seven-dead-sisters-hardcover-by-jen-williams-5780-pAvailable now from author Jen Williams and Absinthe Books, Seven Dead Sisters, a horror/fantasy novella

Alizon Grey is being driven to her death, caged in the back of a cart ready to be burned to death as a witch, and for killing her father. When the cart is attacked and she finds herself loose, we follow her journey as she tries to reach safety even as the story of her life—mistreated and the last of her siblings—is gradually revealed. Alizon has had to fight for her life before now, but this time wins all and the truth will be revealed. Available in a jacketed hardcover, or in a signed, numbered edition limited to 100 copies, you can grab yours from the PS Publishing online store, here.


TheseLongTeethOfTheNightThese Long Teeth of the Night, the best short stories of Alexander Zelenyj from 1999 – 2019, out now from Fourth Horseman Press

For over twenty years, Alexander Zelenyj has been writing unforgettable fiction. His stories span the literary continuum, blending genres in new and unexpected ways to create what many critics have described as “unclassifiable” literature. Never afraid to venture to those places that few other authors would dare to explore, he weaves bold narratives that are by turns harrowing, insightful, and revelatory. They are stories that confront the most abhorrent of monsters, embrace the truth and the wonder of the human condition, and pose questions without answer. These Long Teeth of the Night celebrates the first two decades of Zelenyj’s published short fiction. This special anniversary retrospective collects twenty-eight of his most remarkable stories, including new material and notes from the author that offer unique insight into the creative process. Prepare yourself. The stories of Alexander Zelenyj are stories of the night. And it has teeth. Check out the book trailer below, then pick up the hardcover edition, here.

TheKillingPlanInexora – The Killing Plan, out now from writer Tobias Hall and Inexora Books

Something is at the door, pushing against the frame. The handle rattles and thousands of voices whisper through the keyhole. The Opifex removed the locks that kept everybody safe. A god is awakening in the darkness, with a hunger invoked by a thousand years of sleep. It spreads fear, corrupts and destroys, leaving this world hollow. Time is running out and as the world tumbles into chaos, Thomas must unearth the past of the Archontix to save himself and change the fate of humanity. Available now in paperback and eBook editions, you can pick up your copy here.


My Dog Shits Cash, the new bizarro novel from writer Luke Kondor, up now on Kickstarter

Nathan Alabaster’s life has gone to hell but luckily his childhood dog has just moved in. She’s amazing. She shits cash, can talk to Nathan with her mind, and once taught the kid down the street how to speak Japanese. Also, she can catch. It’s all going well until two dognappers enter the picture and Nathan has to go back to his family home to find his lost mum and her army of dogs. Sweet like a Pixar movie but riotous and absurd. For fans of The Mighty Boosh, Wes Anderson movies, Adventure Time, and a little bit of Bojack Horseman. If you want to guarantee your copy of My Dog Shits Cash, head over to Kickstarter to pledge for perks such as eBooks, hardcovers, audiobooks and much more, here.


Chillercon UK Organisers announce online charity auction

The CHILLERCON UK Auction presents an incredible range of horror, fantasy and science-fiction prizes, from agent reads to artwork and of course plenty of BOOKS… The auction will be supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, one of the UK’s largest children’s hospitals, with half of the auction proceeds being donated to the organisation.  Bidding opened on Monday 23rd May at 12pm (UK time) and runs until Sunday 5th June at 5pm (UK time). Including Stephen King goodies, PS Publishing books (from Robert Shearman, Angela Slatter, Ramsey Campbell, Jen Williams etc) comics (Lucifer omnibus and original Unwritten artwork) agent critiques (from Meg Davis and Juliet Mushens) Suntup publications (such as The Handmaids Tale and The Collection), signed thrillers from Catriona Ward (Sundial) and Adele Parks (One Last Secret) and much more! To get involved and bid for a rare piece of horror history, click here.

MephistoDiscoOut now from writer Simon Paul Wilson and Spooky Wasabi, Mephisto Disco, a collection of short fiction

Welcome to Mephisto Disco, the debut short story collection from Simon Paul Wilson. Within, you’ll find tales of ancient trees and their horrific fruit, a group of ghost hunters exploring a haunted house in Japan, a girl who suddenly becomes the last person on Earth, and nine more tales of magical realism and horror. Dare you enter Mephisto Disco? Available now in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow, you can pick up your copy here.


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