News Round-up Week Ending 3 January 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Stitches and ThreadsNew collection, Stitches & Threads, from writer Mark Cassell and Herbs House, available now

Released 21 December from Herb House comes Stitches & Threads, a new collection of short horror stories from Mark Cassell, author of The Shadow Fabric. A collection of modern-day fiction inverting witchcraft and demonology tropes. With supernatural, occult, hauntings, and creatures of a different slant, each story rips the fabric of our reality. These loose stitches and threads give us the ability to see, not just in the dark, but the very dark itself … the core of fear. Get your hands on these twenty-three stories right now, here.

TheCycleNew from John Wayne Comunale and Grindhouse Press, The Cycle, available for pre-order now

Released tomorrow, 4 January is The Cycle, the new novel from John Wayne Comunale and Grindhouse Press. Beth is ready to move out and be on her own when she suddenly inherits ahouse from her Aunt Agnes who she’s only met once. Her mother is vague about the relationship the sisters had but decides to let Beth move into the house alone. It starts with bad dreams and mild auditory hallucinations. Then, the hallucinations become more than auditory. Something is happening to Beth and she believes the explanation lays in the cryptic journals she finds in the house. Meanwhile she’s yet to go in the basement and the forest is closing in around her. She thought she was ready to be on her own. She thought her mother supported her. She thought her Aunt was dead. Pre-order your copy now, here.

Terror at 5280New from Denver Horror Collective, Terror at 5280°

Featuring a foreword by John Palisano and stories by writers such as Stephen Graham Jones, Carina Bissett, Carter Wilson and Angela Sylvaine, Terror at 5280° is an anthology of horror stories set around the Denver and Front Range Rocky Mountain communities and written by authors who are from or live in the area. Some stories are based on local folklore and urban legends, while others touch on social and environmental themes relevant to the area, such as gentrification, substance abuse…and zombie deer. Available in eBook or paperback formats, Terror at 5280° is available right now, here.


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