News Round-up Week Ending 29 June 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

massacre at yellow hillC. S. Humble’s The Massacre at Yellow Hill available free in eBook format 2 – 4 July

A western setting, a man killed in a mining collapse at Yellow Hill – or is there more than meets the eye here? George Miller’s grieving family begin to uncover the grim truth about what happened to him in his last moments and the hunt for a murderous vampire begins. Well received in a review by This is Horror and featuring a complimentary blurb from Laird Barron about the “pulp literary muscle in… gritty action sequences,” The MAssacre at Yellow Hill is a compelling tale and all the more so as it will be free in eBook from 2 – 4 July. Find your copy here.

Dark and Distant VoicesNightscape Press’ relaunch continues with a huge update

With the release of Tim Waggoner’s Dark and Distant Voices (pictured left), Nightscape Press announced that they were back with a bang. Following on from this, they have posted a huge and informative news update on their site, including information on a forthcoming chapbook release from Jon Padgett (The Secret of Ventriloquism). Titled The Broker of Nightmares, expect to see this hitting shelves later this year, though act fast, it will be limited to one hundred copies. They have also announced their plan to do increasing work with charities, offering to support charities selected by themselves and their authors to try to do some good while releasing high quality, terrifying fiction. For the full update, check out their website, here.

tamer-1563x2500Tamer Animals, by Justin M. Woodward available now from Bloodshot Books

With a foreword by James Newman (The Wicked), Tamer Animals finds four friends on a camping trip. They knew the location was said to be haunted, but who believes that stuff, anyway? Years earlier, a black goat farmer had been murdered by the Klan, left hanging from a tree, close to a nearby bridge. A creature called the goatman – just as one would imagine it – has been seen there ever since. As soon as they arrive, they begin to hear noises and from there, things only get worse. With blurbs by Jeff Strand (Sick House) and others, Tamer Animals looks like one to get your hands on and Justin M. Woodward one to watch. Pick up your copy in paperback or eBook here.


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