News Round-up Week Ending 29 July 2016

Road Games

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week…

Road Games Gets DVD, VOD and Digital Release

Horror thriller Road Games has been set for release on DVD, download and VOD for this August.

Featuring a young couple hitchhiking through the French countryside, Road Games sees Jack and Veronique picked up by a helpful local and offered a place to stay at his home nearby. Veronique begins to feel uncomfortable about the kindly stranger and his artist wife, particularly when she learns of a serial killer murdering people on the same stretch of road where they were picked up.

With a download and VOD release on 26 August, Road Games hits also DVD on the FrighFest Presents label 29 August.

Unsung Stories Announce Three New Titles for 2017 Release

Unsung Stories

Unsung Stories have announced a trio of titles for release in 2017. First up is Metronome, a work of dark fantasy, and the follow up to the acclaimed epic poem Dark Star. The story features a character stuck between the realms of dream and nightmare and is written by Oliver Langmead. Second on the list is Pseudotooth, which features a female protagonist, who finds herself suffering from ‘pseudoseizures’ which transport her to a strange world of authoritarian rule and cities which are falling apart. The final offering is Malcolm Devlin’s You Will Grow Into Them. Devlin’s first collection of stories features ghosts, werewolves and more besides. More information is available at Unsung’s website.

Scary Tales Publishing Announce Fractured Scary Tales Issue 2

Fractured Scary Tales

Hot on the heels of Monster Smash Ups, released last week, Scary Tales Publishing has announced the release of Fractured Scary Tales Issue 2. Featuring scary, comic parodies of classic movies and involving stories such as Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins and The Man with the Golden Fang, you can find more information about the comic collection and order online here.

Men and Chicken Set for DVD Release 15 AugustMen and Chicken

The bizarre, dark comedy, directed by Anders Thomas Jensen (The Green Butcher) and starring Mads Mikkelson (Hannibal), finds two brothers who discover they are adopted and embark on a journey to a desolate island to meet their biological father and brothers. Set in a dilapidated sanatorium and with the family members exhibiting weird behaviours all around. The film is said to be as disturbing as it is comic. It will be released on 15 August on DVD and digital download in the UK and it is also currently receiving a limited cinema run at selected theatres.

Trailer Released for New Blair Witch Movie

Blair Witch

Sixteen years after the last film in the series which brought found footage horror to the forefront of the genre, the new instalment Blair Witch is set for a September release. For those eager to see what lies in store, the below trailer was released at Comic Con, last week. The new film is directed by Adam Wnigard (You’re Next, A Horrible Way to Die) and appears to blend the shaky hand cam effects of the first film with more traditional cinematic shots. Take a look at the trailer.


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