News Round-up Week Ending 28 October 2016


Here’s a selection of some of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week…

Young adult release from Greg Hurwitz, The Rains, coming soon

Best-selling author of Orphan X, Greg Hurwitz is to release his first novel aimed at the young adult market. Combining themes of zombies and extra terrestrials, The Rains, finds once trusted adults becoming dangerous zombie-like creatures, after being infected by a parasite of unknown origins. The novel has received high praise in its first round of reviews, and will receive the This is Horror treatment soon.

Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival comes to Islington Halloween night


Following on from April’s successful first Unrestricted View Film Festival, the organisers have put together a chilling program for their first horror festival, appropriately opening on Halloween night. Highlights include The Power, Dawn of the Deaf, The Slayers and many more titles. The event will take place at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington. Information on the full program and ticketing can be found here.

Welsh mythic novel, Devil’s Messiah, to receive Halloween release


Welsh author Amanda Aubrey-Burden will see her new novel Devil’s Messiah released through Austin Macauley Publishers on 31 October. Calling heavily upon the author’s knowledge of the dark myths of her welsh homeland, the story finds wannabe nurse, Cerys, plunged into supernatural peril when attempting to help a homeless man. More information about the book, including pre-orders, can be found at the website here.

Rap legend Ice-T stars in prohibition era vampire release Bloodrunners


The year is 1933 and the tough prohibition laws of the time have even regular citizens creeping through the shadows to speakeasies in search of a drink. Corruption and bribery are rife among a police force who don’t believe in the contraband laws any more than the people they serve to protect. But one night, during a routine evening meeting, the chief of police uncovers a centuries old vampire, Chesterfield (Ice-T) and his clan. A bloody battle for control of the town ensues. Bloodrunners will be released in 2017 but, in the meantime, the trailer is available below.


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