News Round-up Week Ending 27 October 2023

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Sherlock Holmes Dave Jeffery coming soon Banner

Arriving 3 November from authors Naching T. Kassa, Angela Yuriko Smith and John Linwood Grant, and Crystal Lake Publishing, Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness

Discover the untold mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness, a trilogy that unveils three captivating cases intertwined with the mystical allure of tarot cards, designed by the renowned, yet infamous artist, Richard Dadd.
A collection of manuscripts, meticulously penned by John H. Watson M.D., is unearthed in 2019 amidst the restoration of Broadmoor Hospital, found inexplicably in the grave of Richard Dadd. The manuscripts’ concealed journey and their remaining unpublished raise a myriad of questions, enveloping them in a veil of mystery.
This trilogy, comprises of “A Promise of Blades” by John Linwood Grant, “The Adventure of the Tarot Card Prophecies” by Angela Yuriko Smith, and “The Riddle of the Red Tower” by Naching T. Kassa, and is available for pre-order in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow.

BookQueerSaints2Available Halloween 2023 from editor Mae Murray and Medusa Publishing Haus, The Book of Queer Saints: Volume II

The award-nominated anthology series returns with The Book of Queer Saints Volume II.
Featuring 19 new stories by some of the best queer horror writers working today, it includes works by Shirley Jackson Award-winning author Paula D. Ashe, Wonderland Award-winner Sam Richard, and Rhysling Award-nominee Alison Rumfitt (Tell Me I’m Worthless).
A group of black metal punks burns down a regenerating church. Scientists seek communion with a cosmic entity. A medieval peasant is possessed by a spirit. A chrysalis devours townspeople in Mexico. A trans girl becomes one with a machine hellbent on chaos and revenge.
The Book of Queer Saints, Volume II is a terrifying blend of the gory, erotic, and monstrous as told from the queer perspective. Available for pre-order now in eBook, with physical editions coming soon, you can guarantee yours here.

MoonshinelandOut now from author Ryan Michael Hines and World Castle Publishing, Moonshineland

When Armandine, a young reporter for a small mountain town newspaper, discovers the lost edition of a rare book, she unearths the truth about a Prohibition-era manhunt undertaken by author and adventurer Horace Kephart. He and his friend, a Cherokee war hero known by the nickname Catch, are recruited by a strange US Marshal known only as The Snake Stick Man to track down notorious moonshiner Buck Ruff. But instead of tracking a human criminal, the men discover they are on the trail of an ancient Evil, the Wolf Man of Appalachia, and that they, the hunters, have become the hunted.
Inspired by Horace Kephart’s true account of prohibition-era murder, moonshine, and mountain mayhem, Moonshineland is the story of two friends’ journey into the Appalachian wilderness, their battles with supernatural cryptids, murderous lumberjacks, and perhaps even the Devil himself. Available now in eBook, paperback and hardcover editions, you can pick up your copy here.


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