News Round-up Week Ending 27 October 2017

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Forever Konrad

Martin Goodman’s Forever Konrad to bring a new monster to the vampire legend

Released through PS Publishing on 28 October, just in time for Halloween, is Forever Konrad, the new novel from Martin Goodman. Set in north east England, Forever Konrad is the tale of a boy snatched from a ferry in the North Sea who then grows up with some unusual tendencies, which his adoptive mother tries to pass off as mere curiosity. Things take darker and darker turns from there, however. The book has been described by Ramsey Campbell as “a powerful and disturbing experience,” while gothic horror author Clive Bloom says it mashes “Rosemary’s BabyInterview with the Vampire and The Mummy into a darkly bloodstained adventure.” You can get your copy here or, if you are in the Hull area on Saturday, you can meet the author at the launch event at Waterstones at 2:00pm.

You should come with me nowM. John Harrison’s new short story collection, You Should Come with Me Now, released through comma press

The multiple award winning author, M. John Harrison (ClimbersLightNova Sing) has released his new short story collection, You Should Come with Me Now, through Manchester’s non-profit Comma Press. Featuring diverse tales on themes from an unsettling commentary on modern Britain, to gelatinous alien creatures invading Earth’s financial capitals, to a man deliberately getting lost in his own home in order to shun the responsibilities of being a parent, this collection is a mixture of New Wave and New Weird. Harrison is referenced as an influence by such luminaries as Neil Gaiman, Iain Banks, Clive Barker and William Gibson. And you can get hold of your copy of the new collection here.


This is Horror chapbook, The Elvis Room, by Stephen Graham Jones to be made available as a short film online this weekend

The Elvis Room, the This is Horror chapbook by the outstanding Stephen Graham Jones has been made into a short horror film and premieres this weekend. For our readers in the United States, there is a showing of the movie at the Another Hole in the Head film festival in San Francisco this weekend, as part of the ‘Random Access’ short section. You can learn more about the festival, including ticketing information here. And anyone interested in reading the excellent novella that is The Elvis Room can find an ebook copy here.


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