News Round-up Week Ending 27 May 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Twenty Years Dead

Out today from writer Richard Farren Barber and Crystal Lake Publishing, Twenty Years Dead

After twenty years in the ground, the dead briefly rise. At his father’s grave, this is Dave’s last opportunity to discover why a man would abandon his wife and young son. Against the protests of his mother and his girlfriend, Dave is determined to learn what happened all those years ago. Sometimes you have to risk everything, but the dead don’t give up their secrets so easily. Twenty Years Dead is a novella of quiet horror for fans of Paul Tremblay and Thomas Olde Heuvelt, which explores families and their secrets. Come listen when the Dead speak… Available now in eBook, with a paperback available imminently, grab your copy here.

TheHaarNew from writer David Sodergren, The Haar

“I don’t fear death… but they do.” Muriel McAuley has lived in the Scottish fishing village of Witchaven all her life. She was born there, and she intends to die there. But when an overseas property developer threatens to evict the residents from their homes and raze Witchaven to the ground in the name of progress, all seems lost… until the day a mysterious fog bank creeps inland. The Haar. To some it brings redemption… to others, it brings only madness and death. What macabre secrets lie within… The Haar. Romantic and deranged, The Haar is a gore-soaked folk horror fairy tale from David Sodergren, author of The Forgotten Island and Maggie’s Grave. Available now in paperback and eBook editions, you can grab yours here.

NightmareAbbeyOut now from Dead Letter Press, the first issue of Nightmare Abbey magazine

Dead Letter Press has launched its newest print magazine, Nightmare Abbey, giving readers a selection of new terror tales by award-winning writers, illustrated articles devoted to horror in retro film and television, as well as rare horror story classics, presented in an attractively produced book-style journal. Created as the literary “wicked stepsister” of DLP’s popular SF journal Black infinity, Nightmare Abbey is a return to the horror magazines of yesteryear. The premier volume weighs in at 180 pages and presents 19 tales of terror, including new stories by Steve Duffy, Lynda E. Rucker, David surface, Helen Grant and others, and a special section devoted to the UK’s Grand Master of Horror, Ramsey Campbell, with a new interview and three classic tales. The first volume of Nightmare Abbey also features a fond remembrance of the 1970s fright show Kolchak: The Night Stalker; an analysis of Jacques Tourneur’s groundbreaking 1943 horror film I Walked With a Zombie; and dozens of illustrations by World Fantasy Award-winner Allen Koszowski and others. Available now in paperback edition only, you can get yours here.

ComorbiditiesComing 1 June from writer James C. Harberson III and Markosia Enterprises, Comorbidities

Comorbidities is a collection of three novellas about irregular topics, including weaponized housecats, serial-killer reincarnation, celebrity grave robbery, mass murder, sociopathic spiritual gurus, ghost psychotherapy, military misbehavior, and more mass murder. Its author, Jim Harberson, wrote Markosia’s acclaimed short-story collection, A Disgusting Supermarket of Death (2021), and co-wrote Markosia’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award-nominated graphic novel, Stay Alive (2020). Available to pre-order now in eBook and paperback editions, you can guarantee your copy here.

TheGrowthOut now from writer Adam Hulse and Raven Tale, The Growth

The Growth is decimating the United Kingdom. Can a vigilante protect a disgraced scientist as they travel across country to deliver the solution to the military? Can an ex-Olympic boxing champion negotiate her way through roaming gangs and find her missing girlfriend? Can The Growth be stopped? Pick up your copy and find out, in paperback or eBook editions, here.


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