News Round-up Week Ending 25 November 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

HaresinHedgerowAvailable now from writer Jessica McHugh and Ghoulish Books, Hares in the Hedgerow

An aspiring singer/songwriter, Sophie Francis is searching for inspiration, pining for connection, and desperate to know why she feels so different from everyone else. Maybe it’s the ghosts whispering in the apartment above her, or the chilling thoughts writhing in her mind when the ghosts are quiet. Maybe she’s a reincarnated saint abducted as an infant and raised by a former serial killer. Or maybe she’s just sixteen. Upon meeting an intoxicating musician named Liam LaSalle and an enigmatic community of misfits known as the Choir of the Lamb, Sophie scampers down a rabbit hole of music, martyrs, and madness. There, she discovers her link to a dangerous legacy and a fiery little girl named Avery Norton. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.


The British Film Institute announces horror all-nighter at London’s BFI IMAX on Saturday 3 December

For one night only, BFI IMAX will be transported to a far-away cabin in the most terrifying of woods. Pack your bags and join us at BFI very late-summer camp to gather around the fire for an all-night marathon of cabin-themed horror films. It’s an immersive sleepover, complete with harbingers of doom, oblivious counsellors, activities and games galore. There will be one or two surprises in store and prizes for those who survive … With films including Friday the 13thEvil Dead II, and The Cabin in the Woods, among others, this is a horror all-nighter not to be missed. For full details of the programme and to buy tickets, click here.

PeakOut now from writer Eric Sparling and Podium Publishing, Peak

Phil Truss is a dead man walking. An inoperable brain tumour has sealed his fate, and there’s nothing he can do about it, even with his substantial fortune. But he can decide how to live his last remaining days. And what he most wants is to achieve a feat few ever have: summiting the dreaded mountain K2. It’s the second highest peak in the world—and one of the most treacherous and deadly ascents known to man. Guided by a team of world-class climbers, Phil soon finds himself scaling the slopes, his dying wish in sight. His dream quickly descends into a nightmare, however, as a series of mysterious and lethal events plagues Phil and his party, and he begins to sense they’re not accidents. At first, Phil believes his tumour is twisting his perception of reality. He couldn’t be more wrong. Because he’s slowly coming under the thrall of an ancient, malignant presence that has haunted K2 for years. But this entity doesn’t want Phil dead. It wants something far more terrifying … Available now in eBook, paperback and audiobook, you can grab your copy here.


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