News Round-up Week Ending 24 November 2017

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

six-scary-stories-selected-by-stephen-king-slipcased-hardcover-4442-p[ekm]330x495[ekm]Stephen King has Six Scary Stories for you

Released through Cemetery Dance and on sale now in the UK through PS Publishing, Six Scary Stories is a collection of… well, six scary stories, selected by one of the undisputed masters of horror in Stephen King. Each story is introduced by King himself, and they were all discovered while he was judging a competition to celebrate the launch of his own new short story collection, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.  Topics covered in the stories include childhood toys, water and dangerous wild animals. The stories are written by Elodie Harper, Manuela Saragosa and more besides. PS Publishing have seriously limited stocks at their online shop, but as ever their version is presented beautifully in hard back and comes at a cost of £20. Get yours here.

Gemma-files-coffleMagic, slavery and creatures to terrify you in Gemma Files’ Coffle, from Dim Shores

Now available for pre-order from Dim Shores publishing is the new novella from Gemma Files, Coffle. Featuring a brave woman who helps to lead slaves to freedom across a treacherous desert full of nightmarish creatures, the book is one part western, one part creature horror and another part magical action adventure. Somehow it all seamlessly fits together. The novella is now available for pre-order through Dim Shores publishing and features exquisite illustrations by Stephen Wilson. Order your copy here.

Doll-MasterBritish made indie-horror The Doll Master coming to digital download on 5 December

Receiving acclaim for an approach that prefers suspense over gore, the new indie horror film from Greenway Entertainment takes certain cues from doll-based classics the Child’s Play series and others. In a new interview with Digital Journal, the director, Steven . Smith has explained that the location selected to shoot the film, a supposedly haunted building in Essex, had far more in store for the cast and crew than they were prepared for. Dark figures appeared in shots where they shouldn’t have been , sickness bugs attacked cast members, but only in certain rooms and more besides. You can read more about the spooky goings on and see a trailer for the film, here.


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