News Round-up Week Ending 24 July 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Graveyard Smash

Graveyard Smash, the second volume in Kandisha Press’ Women of Horror anthology series available now

Step through the prettiest cemetery gates you’ve ever seen and experience tombstone raves and widow’s dances, Japanese snow-spirits, Aztec bruja and temple goddesses, vengeful ghosts, djinn and cannibals, vampire hunters, plague bearers, graverobbers, and terrors beyond reason. Read through the night as the dead rise from boneyards all around the world! Featuring stories by V. Castro (Hairspray and Switchblades), Sonora Taylor (Little Paranoias),  Tracey Fahey (the Unheimlich Manoeuvre) and many more authors, pick up your copy in paperback or eBook right now, here.


New from bestselling author Lee Murray and Things in the Well, Grotesque: Monster Stories, out today

Three-time Bram Stoker Award® nominee Lee Murray delivers her debut collection, and it is monstrous. Inspired by the mythology of Europe, China, and her beloved Aotearoa-New Zealand, Murray twists and subverts ancient themes, stitching new creatures from blood and bone, hiding them in soft forest mists and dark subterranean prisons. In this volume, construction workers uncover a hidden tunnel; soldiers wander, lost after a skirmish; and a dead girl yearns for company. Featuring eleven uncanny tales of automatons, zombies, golems, and dragons, and the Taine McKenna adventure Into the Clouded Sky, Lee Murray’s Grotesque: Monster Stories breathes new life into the monster genre. 11 short stories from the imagination of New Zealand’s multiple award-winning author and editor Lee Murray! With a foreword by USA Today bestselling author David Wood. Released today, you can get hold of your copy in paperback or eBook right now, here.


Out now from Red Cape Publishing, The Vegas Rift, by David F. Gray

From David F. Gray, author of Gamble’s Run, comes The Vegas Rift – An epic blend of science fiction, fantasy, and cosmic horror. When Sam Carr becomes separated from his younger brother Doug during a trip to Las Vegas, he finds himself drawn into a world of unimaginable horrors. Through The Vegas Rift, Sam is taken to The Paradise, a sinister, Vegas-style hotel harboring dark secrets. Who is really running things behind the scenes? Will Sam reach Doug before it’s too late? Will they ever return to the world they left behind? Find out by picking up your copy in paperback or eBook format, now.


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