News Round-up Week Ending 22 April 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

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New from Crystal Lake Publishing and writers Michael Bailey and Marge Simon, Sifting The Ashes, a collaborative collection of poetry

A collaborative poetry collection by Bram Stoker Award-winning writers Michael Bailey and Marge Simon—dissecting a fiery world’s relentless destruction. In Sifting the Ashes, over a hundred individual and collaborative poems explore what it takes to survive after all is suddenly taken. Combined life experiences of love, loss, and personal tragedy sift what’s salvageable from the aftermath of fire, searching through the layers of ash for lessons about death, cremation, and the various stages of grief. What might be found in the remains after all is lost? Out today, you can grab your copy here.

AutumnGothicOut now from author Brian Bowyer, Autumn Gothic

In San Francisco, Sierra falls in love with her favorite author. After learning that Vivian Kane grew up in a haunted house, she persuades Vivian to take her to the mansion in West Virginia, where they encounter a savage entity known as the Sorceress of Night. In Los Angeles, Delilah—a celebrated musician—kills humans as sacrifices to the ancient gods of death. When Mark—her guitar player—discovers her evil ways, she gives him two choices: leave California, or become her next victim. He flees, and then Delilah changes her mind, killing people across America while pursuing him as he travels east. After she tracks him to a mansion in the mountains of West Virginia, monsters both human and inhuman collide on Halloween night. Available now in paperback and eBook editions, you can grab your copy here.

DevilsWhispersOut now from TCK Publishing, The Devil’s Whispers by author Lucas Hault

Famed British lawyer Gerard Woodward is summoned to an ancient Welsh castle to assist a dying lord in his final affairs. But as his host slips closer to death, Gerard begins to feel less like a guest and more like a prisoner. When he finds himself locked inside his room, he realizes he must escape. After finding his way out of his room, Gerard begins to wonder if he was safer locked inside. The labyrinthine halls echo secrets. A terrible wail and the rattling of chains sets his nerves on end. Something sinister is happening within the walls of Mathers Castle, and when he descends into the dungeons, he discovers a horrible secret… In nearby London, children vanish into the night, animals are horribly mutilated, and a savage creature stalks the shadows. When Gerard’s wife, Raelyn, becomes the creature’s next target, his need to escape reaches a fever pitch. He must get out alive so he can dispel the evil that threatens to destroy his beloved Raelyn… and the rest of us. Available now in paperback and eBook formats, you can get your copy here.

HummingbirdArriving 16 May from writer T. C. Parker and Hold My Beer Publishing, Hummingbird, a mosaic novel

There’s a storm brewing in Gallow: angry parents, protests at the school, a new priest up at the church with some very clear ideas on sin… and an unfamiliar face in the cottage on the edges of the village, carving sculptures out of skin and bone. It’s a powder keg. Even before the protestors start disappearing… Jodie doesn’t want trouble – just to be left alone to raise her son in peace. Tanya wants more God and less wickedness in her own son’s studies. Tara wants to leave her complicated past behind her, if only it would let her go. And all Jonas wants is to get some work done – and if he can make peace with his father while he’s at it, then so much the better. But the woman in the cottage and the priest up at the church – they have very different goals in mind. And Jodie and Tanya, Tara and Jonas… they’re about to get caught in the crossfire. Available for pre-order in eBook format, with a paperback edition to follow, you can guarantee your copy here.

MusingsoftheMusesComing 30 April from Brigids Gate Press and editors Heather and S. D. Vassallo, Musings of the Muses

Sing O Muse, of the rage of Medusa, cursed by gods and feared by men… From the mists of time, and ages past, The muses have gathered; hear now their songs. A web of revenge spun ‘neath the moon; A poet’s wife who breaks her bonds; A warrior woman on a quest of honor; A painful lesson for a treacherous heart; A goddess and a mortal, bound together by the travails of motherhood. And more. Listen to the muses, as they sing aloud…HER story.
Musings of the Muses, 65 stories and poems based on Greek myths, is an anthology of monsters, heroines, and goddesses, ranging from ancient Greece to modern day America. They, like the myths themselves, cast long shadows of horror, fantasy, love, betrayal, vengeance, and redemption. This anthology revisits those old tales and presents them anew, from her point of view. Available for pre-order now in eBook, with a paperback edition to come, you can ensure you don’t miss out here.


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