News Round-up Week Ending 21 May 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Malignant Summer

Coming 1 June from Silver Shamrock Publishing and writer Tim Meyer, Malignant Summer

It’s 1998 in Hooperstown, New Jersey and people are getting sick. Some citizens blame the local chemical plant. A select few believe something far more terrifying is responsible, a dreadful force that causes nightmarish visions and aberrant illnesses. Bad things are blooming in Hooperstown, and the stench of death is growing stronger … Standing on the edge of summer break after the longest last day of eighth grade ever, Doug Simms and his two best friends join a group of older kids for an all-night scavenger hunt. It’s supposed to be a celebration, an evening of fun and freedom. But what happens that night will change their summer in the darkest ways imaginable. And not just their summer…but their entire lives. Malignant Summer is a coming-of-age epic where innocence is lost and the path through adolescence is painful. Where dreamscapes merge with reality. Where love seems possible, and the best season feels like it can last forever. Released 1 June, you can pre-order your copy now, here.

Flying NoneAvailable for pre-order from writer Cody Goodfellow and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, The Flying None

Gala Murowski wasn’t really looking for God when she joined her local nunnery, but when an ecstatic out-of-body experience sets her spinning through a godless cosmos, she becomes an avenging angel on a rogue crusade against the hypocrites who prey on the innocent in His name. Believing only in herself, Gala proves that while faith may move mountains, only doubt dethrones douchebags. But her reign of unholy terror makes her an outlaw and plays into the hands of fanatics hell-bent on making her into the deity she doesn’t believe in…and a tool to remake the world in their image. Featuring illustrations by Betty Rocksteady, The Flying None is released 25 May and you can pre-order your copy here, now.

Castle of Horror 5Castle Bridge Media presents Volume Five of the Castle Of Horror Anthology series, released 15 June

Enter a very strange wing of the Castle of Horror– a wing of reflections of the familiar. Specifically: reflections of the 1970s, from TV sitcoms like The Odd Couple to films like Halloween and Three Days of the Condor. But every one of them– from the mismatched roomate bachelors to the bus-traveling pop star family– are all “thinly veiled” and sent into a horror story of their own. See if you can recognize them all! Featuring stories from Jason Henderson, In Churl Yo, Henry Herz, Alethea Kontis, Scott Pearson, John Pritchard, James A Moore, Rob Nisbet, Dennis K. Crosby, Heath W. Shelby, Jeremiah Dylan Cook, Tony Jones, Bryan Young, and Charles R. Rutledge. Available 15 June, you can pre-order your copy now.

Origin of EvilAvailable for pre-order from author Caroline Angel and Red Cape Publishing, Origin of Evil, available 26 May

From Caroline Angel, author of Madman Across the Water, Less, and Where Shadows Move, comes Origin of Evil. When a commercial passenger flight comes down, killing all on board, footage from the scene displays the shocking cause of the disaster. A small-town sheriff and two big city detectives soon find themselves tangled in an intergalactic battle to protect The Destroyer of Worlds. With monsters around every corner and an alien menace closing in, Origin of Evil is an action-packed blend of science fiction and horror unlike anything you’ve read before. Available for pre-order in paperback and eBook, you can guarantee your copy here.

melancholiaReleased 1 June through Deaths Head Press, Melancholia, the new novella from Matt Wildasin

From within the confines of the family shed, Sarah makes a decision that cannot be undone. Afterward, she awakens in a perilous world overrun with horrific monstrosities and gruelling tribulations. Sarah must discover the reason why she was brought here and find a way home before she succumbs to her inner demons. Available for pre-order in eBook and paperback formats, you can guarantee your copy here.


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