News Round-up Week Ending 21 January 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

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Coming 26 January from author Ben Eads and Crystal Lake Publishing, Cracked Sky

Reeling from the loss of their only child, Stephen and Shelley Morrison learn that her killer has been found dead. What they don’t know is that his agenda goes far deeper than the grave. Beyond the storm, beyond the crack in the sky—where their daughter lies trapped with The Lost Ones—something is using Stephen and Shelley’s agony to fulfill its goals: Terrorize. Consume. Destroy. Available to pre-order now in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow soon, you can guarantee your copy here.

GraveyardFeederThe Graveyard Feeder, available now from writer Jack Keaton and Decayed Films

For foul-mouthed groundskeeper Burke Sawyer, discovering a body zip-tied to the south gate of Juniper Falls Cemetery becomes more than an inconvenience. The crumbling graveyard is under investigation due to multiple complaints and dreads a surprise visit from a state official with the intent of shutting it down. When the incinerator won’t light, Burke is forced to bury the mysterious body into a previously occupied plot. Later that night, the caretaker is haunted by his father’s ghost, who warns him the newly buried is a local witch feeding on the remains of the town’s dearly departed. He demands his son right his wrong to avoid the boneyard turning into the witch’s personal buffet. With his trusty shovel along with his father’s corpse, Burke Sawyer embarks on an outrageously gory adventure that’s sure to amuse and entertain. With no moral compass in sight, Burke must rise up and become the anti-hero the graveyard desperately needs. Available now in paperback and eBook formats, you can grab your copy here.

WickedRexAvailable now from Hold My Beer Publishing, The Wicked Rex of the West,  by Ward Nerdlo and Daron Kappauff

A young woman from Kansas is transported to a hellish dimension where dinosaurs, under the control of a pair of witches, have wiped out most of humanity. Now, armed with a pair of magic slippers and aided by a ragtag group of survivors, she must find a way to survive in an apocalyptic world where humans are at the bottom of the food chain. Released on 17 January, you can pick up your copy now in eBook or paperback formats, here.


New Ohio Horror Anthology That Which Cannot Be Undone, from Cracked Skull Press, looking for support on Kickstarter

Earlier this year, Cracked Skull Press, an assembly of Ohio-based horror writers Rami Ungar, Ray Pantle, Randall Drum, and David Day, formed with a single goal: to create an anthology of terrifying tales featuring their strange state. The anthology will include twenty stories that are a conglomeration of different horror subtypes. Whether supernatural, psychological, gothic, slasher, or eldritch, what unites each story is that they are all set in Ohio and revolve around the theme of “that which cannot be undone.” Edited by Jess Landry, and with stories contributed by the likes of Tim Waggoner, Gwendolyn Kiste, Kealan Patrick Burke, Lucy Snyder and many others, you can support this project on Kickstarter now, here.

RejectsComing 8 February, from author Alyanna Poe, Rejects, a collection of short fiction

All artists have been through rejection, and with so many avenues, one can finally take their fate into their own hands. Discover the horrors Alyanna Poe has created, which otherwise would not have come to light. Rejects is a collection of twenty-one horror stories, spanning from slasher to cosmic to paranormal, that have all been rejected by publishers. Alyanna thoroughly edited and perfected each story, sending them out for beta readers’ approval before publication to ensure readers’ satisfaction. Available in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow, you can grab your copy here.


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