News Round-up Week Ending 21 August 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


New from authors Ken MacGregor and Kerry Lipp, Headcase, a serialised novel

Johnny Headcase, Katya, Lydia and Gavin join forces to take down King City’s Master Vampire and his horde of vampires, demons, trolls and other monsters unleashed on the city in an effort to rebuild King City in his own twisted image.  Featuring cover art by Francois Vaillancourt, the first instalment, Bad Coffee and Worse Luck, debuts 25 August with the remaining three volumes coming at the end of the following three months.  Available as a paperback and audiobook, you can pre-order your copy of the first volume here now or you can buy the bundle of all four paperbacks and the audio from the publisher, Lycan Valley Press, here.

The Bell ChimeThe Bell Chime, the debut novella from Mona Kabbani, available for pre-order now

A girl suffering from paralyzing night terrors finds a missing poster hanging from the door of her apartment building. On that poster is a photograph of a frighteningly familiar face. It’s her. Only, she’s never seen this photo before and something about its grin scares her. How its eyes seem to follow her no matter where she finds herself in the room. Over a series of strange events to follow— events that will make her question whether her sanity is still there or fleeting— she must discover what is real and what is the nightmare. From Mona Kabbani, one half of the creative team behind the Unbearable Scares fiction podcast, The Bell Chime is released 2 September in paperback and eBook. Pre-order your copy here.

Monster Double FeatureNew from author Mark Cassell, Monster Double Feature

A British traveller desperate to escape his past finds himself at the heart of a Vietnamese legend, and learns why the Mekong Delta is known as “River of Nine Tails.” And a regular parcel collection from a neighbour becomes a descent into terror through the online game, “Reanimation Channel.” From British writer Mark Cassell, author of The Shadow Fabric, comes this double creature feature. Available in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy right now, here.

DALTON HIGHWAY ebook 3Dalton Highway, the debut novel from Swedish author Freddie Åhlin, coming 1 September from Sharp Arrow Publishing

Forty-five-year-old truck driver Tom Richards is on the verge of losing everything. To save his marriage, and find a way out of crippling debt, he takes on the dangerous job of trucking across Dalton Highway, a 414-mile (666 km) long isolated passage through the Alaskan wilderness. By his side is his beloved five-year-old German Shepherd, Presley. It doesn’t take long before Tom realizes something isn’t right out on the road. First, he discovers a bulletin board filled with missing person posters, and later, he meets an elderly man who warns him about the powers of darkness. But desperate for the money, he refuses to turn back. When a storm erupts, Tom loses control of the truck and crashes in the middle of nowhere. Presley escapes into the deep forest, and Tom is forced to follow, only to discover the place is haunted by something more sinister than he could ever imagine. In a tense struggle against the clock and the wild nature of Alaska, Tom is forced to find his dog and a way out, before whatever is out there finds them. Coming 1 September in Hardback and eBook formats, you can pre-order your copy here, now.


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