News Round-up Week Ending 20 June

Bones of You Spectral Press channels the past

Inspired by the Pan and Fontana books of horror and ghost stories, Spectral Press have announced their own version The Spectral Press Book of Horror Stories. This will be the first installment in an annual series. The book will be edited by Mark Morris and will feature stories from Conrad Williams, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Volk and Gary McMahon. The book is released in September and can be pre-ordered from the Spectral press website.

The Probleming comes to Camden

Bad Bat Productions are unleashing their new play The Probleming on the Camden Fringe Festival. The play will run at the Tristan Bates Theatre from 28 July until 2 August. The one hour comedy-horror was written by Steve Jordan, a veteran of the British horror scene. For more information and for tickets, head over to the Bat Bad Productions website.

Dark Regions Summer Sale

Dark Regions Press have announced their summer sale. Get yourself 25% off the entire in-stock catalogue and snare yourself a bargain copy of wonderful books such as Holes For Faces by Ramsey Campbell or The Bones of You by Gary McMahon. A full list of discounted titles can be found at the Dark Regions Press website.

Cannibal comes to DVD

Cannibal is the latest film from acclaimed director Manuel Martin Cuenca. The story centres around Carlos, a prestigious tailor and prolific murderer. He feels no remorse until he falls in love with the twin of one of his victims… Cannibal is available on DVD and download from 23 June.

The dead walk to the UK

The Walking Dead Season 4 is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 4 September in the UK. Unusually the special edition “Tree Walker” Blu-Ray set, featuring a model of the tree walker seen in the episode “Isolation” will be available to buy on these shores. Normally special editions such as these are limited to the US. No price has been announced yet.


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