News Round-up Week Ending 2 January

Woman In Black 2

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

From British horror empire Hammer Film Productions, comes The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. The film, released on New Year’s Day, tells the story of a group of World War II evacuees staying in Eel Marsh House. Little by little the strange behaviour of the children indicates that there may be evil lurking within its four walls. The film is directed by Tom Harper and stars British actors Phoebe Fox and Jeremy Irvine.

William Meikle’s Tormenting new novel

Scottish author, William Meikle, has announced the release date of his latest book, TormentorTormentor will be released on 17 February. The story, set in the Isle of Skye, tells of Jim Greenwood, who in the aftermath of tragedy tries to move on with his life. But his search for peace is interrupted by disturbing interferences from something or someone trying to make contact. You can pre-order your copy at the DarkFuse website.

How To Catch A Monster Home Release

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River, formerly known as How To Catch A Monster, will be released on DVD in April 2015. Starring Eva Mendes, Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith, the plot follows single mother Billy, who ends up living a dark lifestyle following financial difficulties; meanwhile her son discovers an underwater kingdom. Written by Gosling, the film went straight to home release.

The Hallow

In early 2015, horror publishers, DarkFuse, will release The Hallow by Keith Deininger.  Due for release on 10 February 2015, Deininger’s horror follows James, who after witnessing a stranger’s death in his own home, begins to realise that things and people are changing and his new girlfriend, Allie, may know more than she is letting on. Pre-order your copy from the DarkFuse website.


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