News Round-up Week Ending 19 September


Join The Last of The Living

David Moody has announced a new paperback collection of short fiction, The Last of the Living. The book will feature physical prints of his successful ebook novellas The Cost of Living and Isolation, in addition to the previous short story versions of The Cost of Living and other short stories “Who We Used To Be”, “Tightropes”, “Muriel” and “Wish I Was Here”. Pre-orders will open next week. Visit David’s website for more detail on the collected stories.

Grimmfest preview night

The organisers of Grimmfest have announced a preview night on 30 September at The Odeon Printworks in Manchester. The event will take place on Tuesday 30 September and will feature screenings of A Nightmare on Elm Street (to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary) and The Babadook. In addition to the two main features there will be two short films and a competition. To grab your tickets, head over to the Grimm Up North website.

Dead Snow 2 comes in from the cold

The trailer for Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead has been released online. The film is a direct sequel and will be released in theatres and digitally on 10 October.

Danny Glover searches for his mummy

Day of the Mummy, an Egyptian horror film starring Danny Glover will be released on DVD on 20 October. The film features Danny Glover as an explorer on the hunt for a legendary diamond when he opens the tomb of King Neferu, and it isn’t long before blood spills on the sand…

 I Saw The Devil… again

You’re Next duo screenwriter Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard have been snapped up to bring Asian horror flick I Saw The Devil to our screens. Although no actors are currently on board, all eyes will be on the duo to see if they can go one better than the recent remake of Oldboy. This Is Horror will bring you more details as they emerge.




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