News Round-up Week Ending 19 November 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

TetheredtoDarknessOut now from writer Justin Holley and Silver Shamrock Publishing, Tethered to Darkness

To escape her fanatically religious upbringing, Mia moves away to attend State University instead of the bible-college her family wanted. After orientation, Mia’s new friends invite her to the Para-Psychology Club, where she meets a charismatic professor, who introduces her to Astral Projection. Mia finds that her social anxiety makes her a natural at the maneuver. So, when her possessive boyfriend tracks her down, hellbent on returning her home, she escapes their possessive grip by slipping into the nether. However, while out of her body, something ancient and dark—and from her past—takes over. Forced to deal with not only the entity now using her body but also the religious extremists who have arrived to remove it, her only hope lies in the hands of her new friend Bruce and the enigmatic Professor Colista as they try to save her from a fate beyond hell. Available now in eBook and paperback formats, grab your copy here.

Ghost Recall by Alan Baxter - coverGhost Recall, the third instalment in the Eli Carver series by Alan Baxter, available for pre-order now

Life has calmed down for Eli Carver and he’s grown complacent. Enjoying the high-stakes spoils of his new girlfriend’s gambling wins, the duo is living large in Las Vegas. It’s the most peaceful time he can recall. But when things turn quiet, Eli finds trouble. Dragged into the strange machinations of a dangerous secret society, Eli will finally face everything he’s been ignoring if he hopes to make it out the other side. And even then, nothing will ever be the same again. Eli and his ghosts find themselves battling powerful adversaries as violence and dark magic coalesce with lethal consequences. Strap yourself in for the third instalment of award-winning author Alan Baxter’s unrelenting Eli Carver Supernatural Thriller Series. Coming 7 December, you can pre-order your copy in paperback and eBook here.

The Boy with the Spider Face LRComing 26 September from AJ Franks and Crystal Lake Publishing, The Boy With The Spider Face

Jeff Pritchet isn’t much different from other teenage boys, with one exception. His monstrous, spider-like appearance and loner persona make him a target for bullying, when all he wants is a friend who sees beyond the surface. Enter transfer student, Aarav Jain. Thoughtful, accepting, and insightful, he sparks an untapped hope in Jeff, transforming his life. But as the boys grow closer, their deepening relationship becomes hijacked by a darkness Aarav can’t escape and a life-altering secret Jeff can barely contain. The unconventional pair find themselves marked for hatred, and when his bond to Aarav is threatened, Jeff discovers a sinister side he never knew he had, proving that, when pushed too far, emotions can be deadlier than venom. Available to pre-order in eBook and paperback formats, you can guarantee your copy here.

FromTheDepthsOut now from Silent Hill Press, From The Depths: An Anthology of Terror

Fourteen horror authors were asked to dig deep within themselves and bring forth the story that best represents their dark art. Dive in and find what lurks in the murky depths of a writer’s mind. With a foreword by the Master of Horror, Ramsey Campbell and edited by Lydia Prime, this anthology features tales by Elizabeth Black, R.L. Burwick, Jill Girardi, Mark Allan Gunnells and many more. Available in paperback and eBook, you pick up your copy now, here.


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