News Round-up Week Ending 18 November 2016


New Shining In The Dark Anthology Contains Rare Stephen King Story

Cemetery Dance are releasing a limited edition of Shining In The Dark, a brand new anthology of horror stories collated by Hans-Ake Lilja, founder of Stephen King website Lilja’s Library, to celebrate twenty years of running the site.

Among the stories, which include a brand new novella by John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In), there is a very rare reprints of Stephen King’s story The Blue Air Compressor which has never appeared in any of his collections and hasn’t seen print anywhere since 1981.

The anthology can be ordered from the Cemetery Dance website.

R L Stine To Write A Comic Book For Marvel

rl-stine-picGoosebumps author R L Stine has been signed up to by Marvel write his first ever comic book. While he can’t talk about the content yet, it’s a safe bet to assume that it will be similar to his young adult output.

Friday 13th: The Game Delayed But For Good Reason


The Friday13th game being developed by Gun Media and IllFonic was due to ship to backers last month but is now scheduled to debut early next year. The reason for the delay, though, is good news as while the game was originally going to be online only, it is being expanded to include a single player campaign that will allow players to play several missions straight from the films.

Pre-orders are being take now at the website.

Escape From Cannibal Farm Releases Trailer


While we’re waiting for the latest Leatherface prequel to surface, writer/director Charlie Steeds has released the trailer for his British take on everybody’s favourite cross dressing chainsaw wielding maniac.

In Escape From Cannibal Farm, the Harver family head out into the British countryside on an idyllic summer camping trip where they can bury past tensions and enjoy some family bonding. When their camp is sabotaged by an unseen intruder in the night, they head to the nearby creepy old farm desperate for help, where vengeful farmer Hunt Hansen and his hideously deformed son aren’t farming animals… Caged and waiting for their limbs to be severed, cooked and eaten one at a time, the Harver family must overcome their differences and unite in order to escape alive.

Check out the trailer here.


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