News Round-up Week Ending 17 May 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Suffer Little ChildrenNew from Black Shuck Books, Penny Jones’ Suffer Little Children

New from British author Penny Jones is Suffer Little Children, a mini-collection of short stories, presented as volume thirteen of Black Shuck Books’ ‘Black Shuck Shadows’ range. Featuring six stories and released yesterday, the collection is available direct from the publisher for the very reasonable price of £4.99 for the paperback and just £0.99 for the eBook edition. Jones’ recent work has been found in Dark Voices (a charity anthology from Lycan Valley Press) and Dark Satanic Mills, an anthology of British horror. For those familiar with her work or those wanting to know more, you can pick up your copy, here.

SomethingintthewaterNot one but two new collections from Eddie Generous, coming next week

New from Eddie Generous (Radio Run) come two new short story collections, titled Something in the Water (pictured) and Head-Broken and Heartbroken. Released through Generous’ Unnerving imprint, each collection contains thirteen stories, the former dealing with stories of a more violent and disturbing nature, while the latter deals with monsters, demons, witchcraft and horrible people, as well as the spaces in between. You can pre-order your copy of Something in the Water here and Head-broken and Heartbroken, here.

Ghastling book nineThe Ghastling, a literary journal of ghosts and the macabre, book nine available now

Edited by Rebecca Parfitt, formerly of gothic fiction journal, A Flock of ShadowsThe Ghastling  is a literary journal of ghost stories and the macabre. Featuring a variety of up and coming writers along with some more-established writers, book nine, is available now. Featuring work by Christopher Lang, Lucie McKnight Hardy and others, you can pick up your copy directly from the website, here.


Ration-Kindle_776xAvailable for pre-order now from Apex Books, Ration, by Cody T Luff

In a future dominated by scarcity, Cynthia is wrongly accused of ordering an ‘A’ ration for herself, and is punished by the other girls in her apartment building. Eventually forced to leave, she sets out on a journey into the wider world, one where scarcity is even more an ever present, but also a world full of politics and intrigue. Drawing comparisons to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, among others, you can pre-order your copy of Ration, in paperback or eBook formats here.


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