News Round-up Week Ending 17 July 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

diabolica britannica

New charity anthology, Diabolica Britannica, available now

Diabolica Britannica is a collection of 14 dark tales from the dark isles. Edited by Keith Anthony Baird, and featuring stories by genre titans Adam L G Nevill and Tim Lebbon alongside new talents such as Stephanie Ellis, Morgan K. Tanner and S. J. Budd, Diabolica Britannica also features a foreword by Ramsey Campbell. With all profits going to the UK’s National Health Service, you can pick up your copy right now, here.

Worst Laid Plans

The debut anthology from Grindhouse Press, Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror, edited by Samantha Kolesnik, with a foreword by Sadie Hartmann, out now

A fateful family trip to an amusement park. An island movie theater that takes more than the patrons’ cash. A cross-country drive with an unexpected encounter. A family man hellbent on making great time, no matter the cost. Fourteen horror authors share terrifying and twisted tales of summer vacation gone wrong in Worst Laid Plans: an Anthology of Vacation Horror. Featuring stories by V. Castro, Patrick Lacey, Hailey Piper, Scott Cole and many more, you can pick up your copy right now, here.

All the Lairds menNew novella, All the Laird’s Men, by Tabatha Wood, coming 22 August, available for pre-order now

A thrilling new novella by Tabatha Wood, author of Sir Julius Vogel-nominated collection Dark Winds Over Wellington: Chilling Tales of the Weird & the Strange. Corporal Hopkins just wants to go home. After many years serving with the Laird’s Men, he deserves his freedom. But while the long war that fractured New Britain is over, Raiders in the Scottish forests still pose a deadly threat. Charged with dismantling a roving horde, Hopkins and his elite unit are outnumbered and woefully unprepared for the real horror that awaits them. From the shadowy depths of the great Loch Ness, an ancient evil is rising. When the battle for survival in an unforgiving country never ends, Hopkins knows it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. In the darkness, everybody bleeds the same. Pre-order your copy now, here.

MurmurMurmur, the new novel from Patrick Freivald and Barking Deer Press, out now

Violinist Davis MacArthur bound the demon Murmur to himself to keep it from escaping into the world. Despite being plagued by hellish visions, he’s beaten back mental illness and alcoholism to become a world-renowned virtuoso, until an encounter with an alluring stranger plunges him into a twisted, sexual game of cat-and-mouse filled with madness and murder. Desperate to save his soul, he risks damnation to protect the people he loves. Available in paperback and eBook format, you can pick up your copy right now, here.


New from writer David Irons, Wolf Moon, available now from Metropol Press

While on an illegal deep-space silver ore mining mission, the crew of the MACRAE —1391 investigates a mysterious distress signal. Landing on a synthetically atmosphered asteroid on the dark side of the Moon, they discover a jettisoned escape pod, bringing back a lone survivor who incubates an awful secret. When exposed to the Moon’s lunar rays, an ancient evil is reborn to stalk and pick off the crew, one by one. Can Captain Jennifer Hadley overcome the ghosts of her past to stop the beast? Will muscle-bound grunts Cade Chiarella and Jones Easterbrook turn the creature into a living-room rug? Will playboy mining expert Shane Conroy finally do something useful to stop the monster? Can engineer Kyle Norrington’s knowledge of twentieth-century horror cinema save them all? No matter how their night of terror ends, there is one thing they will never forget: In space … there’s always a full moon. Watch the trailer below, then pick up your copy in paperback or eBook, here.


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