News Round-up Week Ending 16 June 2023

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

TheScreamingChildAvailable 11th July from Scott Adlerberg and Ghoulish Books, The Screaming Child

Scott Adlerberg’s The Screaming Child is a mystery horror novel told by a grieving woman working on a book about an explorer who was murdered in a remote wilderness region, only to get caught up in a dangerous journey after hearing the distant screams from her own vanished child somewhere in the woods. Available for pre-order now, direct from the publisher, with paperback pre-orders coming with a signature sticker signed by the author, you can guarantee your copy here.

CastleofHorrorThinlyVeiledArriving July 18th from Castle Bridge Media, Castle of Horror Anthology Volume Ten: Thinly Veiled Saturday Mournings

The popular Thinly Veiled collection from the Castle of Horror continues with this anthology of horror stories in the world of Saturday morning pop culture, from the Smurfs to Soul Train– but every one of these brands is “thinly veiled.”
This time featuring stories from P. J. Hoover, Jeremiah Dylan Cook, Dennis K. Crosby, Alethea Kontis, Joy Preble, Steven Philip Jones, Heath W. Shelby, Tony Jones, Bryan Young, Scott Pearson, Will McDermott, and Katya de Becerra. See if you can recognize them all! Available for pre-order in eBook and paperback, you can grab your copy here.

ALifeWithGhostsComing 22 August from author Steve Gonsalves and Gallery Books, A Life With Ghosts

Steve Gonsalves—already considered to be one of the top paranormal investigators in the world and a pioneer in the industry—now presents his debut book, A Life with Ghosts! Widely known as a lead investigator of the smash hit TV series Ghost Hunters as well as Ghost Hunters Academy and Travel Channel’s ratings king, Ghost Nation, Steve presents a collection of his most meaningful paranormal experiences from some of his favorite haunted locations.
Along with the compelling history of each location, Steve recounts his terrifying experiences with disembodied voices, haunting EVPS, mysterious dark masses, and other unexplained phenomena—in addition to what he learned about living through a life with ghosts. His beliefs and theories on the craft are told through heartwarming, hilarious, and profound stories, reflecting the fun-loving personality that has garnered him millions of fans. Filled with facts and anecdotes to add an extra level of insight—all intricately woven together to create the perfect balance of spooky fun and unique information—this is the ultimate book for paranormal enthusiasts, history buffs, and horror fans. Available for pre-order now in hardcover and audiobook, you can guarantee your copy here.

Pre-ApprovedForHauntingArriving 26 September from writer Patrick Barb and Keylight Books, Pre-approved for Haunting

In this new collection, Patrick Barb explores themes of family found and lost, media consumption and the dangers of runaway nostalgia, the supernatural in our lives, and the impact of violence in both the long- and short-term.

A young couple’s reunited with their lost son whose favorite fuzzy bear suit connects him to the ghost of a vengeful mama bear while he’s alone in the forest, a jaded screenwriter can’t escape the haunted screenplay that’s ruined his career, a man returns to his small hometown, where the people are gone and the trees have taken over, a Slasher and Final Girl brother-sister duo match wits and blades against a sentient, dimension-hopping apocalypse at a never-ending summer camp.

From rural backwoods to Park Slope brownstones, Barb’s characters face impossible, awful situations, testing their inner strength and understanding of reality. Covering quiet horror, weird fiction, supernatural horror, slasher horror, topical dark fiction, and more, these stories spotlight supposedly familiar terrors and fears in new and unexpected ways. Available for pre-order now in eBook, hardcover and paperback, you can guarantee your copy here.


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