News Round-up Week Ending 14 June 2024

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

TalesfromtheParklandOut now from writer Ronald McGillvray and Velox Books, Tales from the Park Land

In the tradition of The Twilight Zone and Tales From the Crypt, Ronald McGillvray’s Tales From the Parkland offers a spine-chilling collection that blurs the line between reality and nightmare.
A father is forced to make a terrible decision… Which of his children will he sacrifice to the Garbage Collectors? A family’s sightseeing trip turns into a desperate fight for survival when a city is besieged by flesh-melting rain. A man’s childhood nightmare returns, forcing him to confront the monster under the bed to protect his family. Two siblings must rely on each other to survive when their daycare turns into a den of horror. Two elite snipers wage an impossible war when a secret military experiment unleashes the apocalypse.
Prepare to be haunted by these twisted tales and others that will keep you turning pages late into the night! Available now in eBook, paperback and hardcover editions, you can pick up your copy here.

The Dark Between The Twilight front coverReleased today from author Jamal Hodge and Crystal Lake Publishing, The Dark Between the Twilight: A Journey Through Evil, Loneliness, and Redemption

The Dark Between the Twilight is a unique collection of memoir and speculative poems that takes the reader on an unforgettable exploration of the darkest and brightest fragments of a lonely but loving heart. It is an accounting of one man’s soul through the power of the imagination. Through the redemption of his pain, Jamal Hodge invites us to turn from the shadows of the past and seek the light in our own lives.
Darkness purifies, Loneliness empties, and in the light, all are made whole again. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.

LocalGodsAvailable now from author Mark Hurst, Local Gods

We’ll call him Pete Collins. It’s the name he’s using for now and is as good as any.
Pete’s in the killing business. For the right price he’s your man, the one who’ll satisfy a grievance, punish a wrongdoer, deliver vengeance or spite with maximum prejudice, make your problems disappear…
Things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes a job goes bad and you have to get out, lie low, disappear for a bit, someplace quiet.
Someplace like Little Baddington, a beautiful hamlet, nestled deep in the rural Cotswolds. The perfect place to hold up for a while. A place to take in good clean country air, relax, unwind and reflect, a place steeped in the traditions of the old country. Not all traditions are pleasant.
The good folk of Little Baddington have a few secrets of their own, and Pete Collins is about to find out how this little hamlet has remained untouched by the outside world, the type of bargain it’s struck for that privilege and with whom. He’s going to find out what a Local God can do … Available now in eBook and paperback editions, you can pick up your copy here.

MountainFastArriving 24 June from writer S. J. Shank and Carthago Nova Press, Mountain Fast

Hungary, 1468. At Kuszkol, the old-timers say, shadows walk and men go mad. But sixty years after the remote mountain fortress was first abandoned, it is attracting soldiers once again.
The bishop’s messenger András carries a letter for the new commander. On his party’s northward journey, he downplays the old tales. Yet he cannot explain why the castle’s beacon should burn the night before their arrival. Nor why, once they arrive, the garrison is missing. Nor can he explain the mysterious charcoal figures they find etched on the walls.
By the time they settle down for their first night at Kuszkol, András faces an even more pressing question—why is he speaking in his dead wife’s voice? Available for pre-order now in eBook and paperback, you can guarantee your copy here.

CrimsonCobblestonesOut now from author Marie LeStrange and Crimson Cult Media, Crimson Cobblestones

In the shadow of Benjamin Franklin’s elite circles, Philadelphia 1739 is gripped by a series of grisly deaths, weaving a tale so dark it can only be whispered along the gaslit cobblestones. This masterful Gothic Thriller is a mesmerizing blend of historical nuance and chilling suspense, where love intertwines with deceit, and murder stains the street.

At the center of this mystery is Charlotte, a young woman grappling with the violent loss of her mother. As the city’s cobblestones run crimson with blood, she finds herself ensnared in a nightmarish realm of depraved cults and dark magic, uncovering a labyrinth of secrets that could spell doom for both she and her new enigmatic lover– Ben.

With echoes of ancient incantations and the sinister plot of a Luciferian cult lurking in the shadows, she must navigate a world where the occult and her own haunted past are inextricably linked. Available now in eBook, with other editions to follow, you can grab your copy here.


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