News Round-up Week Ending 13 September 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


The fifth installment of John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night comic series is available for pre-order

Featuring a stellar list of writers and artists, including Kealan Patrick Burke, Sandy King, Steve Kilpatrick and the master of horror himself, John Carpenter, Tales for a Halloween Night returns for its fifth volume. Produced by Storm King Productions, this comic anthology is sure to chill you to your bones. Released on 25 September, you can pick up your copy, here.

BlackHeartBoysChoirNew from writer Curtis M. Lawson and Wyrd Horror, comes Black Heart Boys’ Choir

Featuring stunning cover art (pictured) by Luks Spooner (Carrion House), Black Heart Boys’ Choir is the tale of Lucien Beaumont, a teenage misfit and musical prodigy ostracised by his peers and haunted by familial tragedy. When he discovers a song left unfinished by his late father, he becomes obsessed and convinced that a demon is trapped inside the piece. Fantasy spills over into real life violence as Lucien seeks to appease the demon. With a foreword by S. T. Joshi, and having already garnered a great many excellent reviews, you can get hold of your copy, here.

Dark Ink Banner

Coming 8 October from Titan Books, Dark Ink, by Gary Kemble

Investigating political corruption of a delicate nature, journalist Harry Hendrick grows uneasy when he hears of a mysterious and chilling figure behind them. Mistress Hel plies her dark arts from a luxurious suburban lair. He hears of demonic visions, of people under supernatural thrall, and is slowly drawn into her web, where diabolical ceremonies and visions threaten both his sanity and his life; something dark and infernal reaching out into the world. Following on from 2018’s Strange Ink, this second installment in the series is available 8 October and you can pre-order your copy now, here.


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