News Round-up Week Ending 13 April 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Bone-SawPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing readying Patrick Lacey’s Bone Saw for 15 May release

Bone Saw, the new novel by Patrick Lacey (Dream WoodsWe Came Back), is the story of Liam Carpenter, a normal guy whose life descends rapidly into the bizarre. First, his favourite film director comes to his small town, then murders start happening with a striking resemblance to the killings in said director’s Pigfoot movies. His crush is also being pursued by a detective with a cough syrup addiction. That’s just the start of what promises to be one to watch when it is released on 15 May. The book is already available for pre-order over on the Perpetual Motion Machine website. Reserve your copy, here.

The Haunting of Cabin Green MEDIUM coverThe Haunting of Cabin Green, the new supernatural horror novel by April A. Taylor, released 17 April

Released through Grasshopper Books on Tuesday 17 April, The Haunting of Cabin Green is the new supernatural horror novel from April A. Taylor (Vasilisa The Terrible).  In the story Ben makes the error of visiting Cabin Green shortly after the death of his fiancée, then compounds his decision by claiming there is no such thing as an evil building. When things start to turn strange, deep in the woods of northern Michigan, he is left to try to understand whether the ghosts he sees are real or if his family history of mental illness has caught up with him. You can pre-order your copy at the special launch price of £2.99 (or $2.99 in the US) here.

X3X3, the new short story collection from C. M. Saunders is released today

X3, by C. M. Saunders (Out of TimeHuman Waste) launches today as an eBook only release. Featuring art work by award winning artist Greg Chapman, X3, forms part of Saunders’ series, of which there have been two previous releases. This edition features eleven stories, revised for this collection, which have previously featured in a variety of publications, including Siren’s CallGore Magazine, and many others besides. The varied topics touched on by the stories include an ageing couple staring down the apocalypse, a boy taking on an evil troll, as well as a gambler who decides to play one last game. You can get hold of your copy today, here.


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