News Round-up Week Ending 12 October 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


Hallowscream haunted house event at York Maze, opens 12 October

Hallowscream is a halloween event like few others. Featuring five separate haunted house events, it takes place at York Maze in York, UK. The story behind the event is a farm where a terrible event happened in 1873. Since then, the spirits of the dead have been wandering the site, seeking revenge. You can get ticketing information and opening times at the website, here.

WinterTreeNew from Bloodshot Books and author Mark Morris, The Winter Tree, out now on kindle with paperback coming soon

After more than thirty years out of print, Mark Morris’ The Winter Tree is back, after its reissue through Bloodshot Books. Released on kindle on 8 October, and with a paperback edition coming soon, The Winter Tree is the story of a town where dark things seem to happen. After two young men cause a forest fire, things take a dramatic turn for the worse. People are disappearing, others are being murdered and the titular ‘winter tree,’ a towering spire of a thing, stands proud at the centre of it all, sucking in warmth. You can get your copy of The Winter Tree right here.

lip hookNew from Self Made Hero and authors David Hine and Mark Stafford comes Lip Hook, a rural British horror story

Few travellers ever enter the remote village of Lip Hook, in the UK. One day, though, two outsiders arrive: a beautiful woman and a man with a gunshot wound. With them, they carry a sack full of treasure. The people of the village find themselves disturbed by the outsiders, awakening the ancient ways of the small town and resurrecting a dark, secret history that is perhaps best left to distant memory. Gloriously illustrated and presented in hardback, Lip Hook is available on 18 October. Get yours here.


Comic, Our Final Halloween, close to hitting Kickstarter target

Written and co-created by Mike Garley (Adventure TimeSamurai Slasher), Our Final Halloween is a comic which is set for release on, yes, halloween. It features five children who wake up in a strange house, covered in blood and none of them knows how they got there or into that bloody state. The kickstarter is close to completion, but there’s still time for you to get in there and secure yourself a copy of the comic and a host of other excellent perks. Click here to get involved.


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