News Round-up Week Ending 12 February 2016

Here’s a selection of some of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week…

Johnny Depp Confirmed for Universal’s Reboot of The Invisible Man

Universal have confirmed that Johnny Depp is set to star in their remake of the the 1933 horror classic, The Invisible Man. Produced by Chris Morgan, Alex Kurtzman is attached to direct the film as part of the studios foray to align their classic monsters into one fictional universe.

Claude Rains stared in the original film, adapted from the H.G. Wells novel, as a man who finds a way to become invisible. Forging a life of crime, he pays the ultimate price with his sanity. Kurtzman is set to direct The Mummy, staring Tom Cruise, for a June 9th, 2017 release. Depp is coming his lauded performance as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, and will return to his other major franchises with Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass in May, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales coming May 26, 2017.

Grimm Up North Announces the Supernova International Film Festival

Grimm Up North, the creators of Grimmfest, have announced Supernova — a celebration of international science fiction cinema of the past, present, and future. Hosted by Odeon Printworks in Manchester, UK, the event will take place May 27-30, 2016 at the Odeon grounds.

This is the second large scale collaboration between Odeon and Grimm Up North since the 7th successful edition of Grimmfest. Supernova will take advantage of Odeon’s state of the art big screens to include 70mm screenings of recent classics. Festival goers can expect Q & A’s with legends in science-fiction cinema production and screening of the latest science-fictions films from every corner of the globe. The festival directors are working on the lineup for now, so expect more details as they become available.

Please visit HERE for more information.

Dark Horse Unleashes Aliens: Defiance in April

The Alien franchise is set to return to survival-horror this April as Dark Horse Comics have announced the release of Alien: Defiance. Written by Brian Wood (DMZ, The Massive) with art by Tristan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road), this return harkens back to the days of the classic Aliens comics era. In a story line set between the first two films, readers will follow Zula Hendricks, an injured Colonial Marines who escapes her confines to mount a new attack on the Xenomorphs. Aliens: Defiance hits digital and comic book stores April 27, 2016.

Click HERE for more information.

The Mill At Calder’s End Released on Blu-Ray

The Spirit Cabinet Collection Blu-ray is now available for sale, featuring two spectacular gothic horror films for one low price. From creator Kevin McTurk comes the stunning film, The Mill at Calder’s End. No live actors, featuring characters crafted and manipulated by hand, McTurk uses hyper realistic puppets in a gothic setting to give viewers the creepiest film experience in years. Influenced by HP Lovecraft, Edgar Alan Poe, Mario Bava and Jim Henson, and boasting the voice talent of Jason Flemyng and Barbara Steele, The Mill at Calder’s End features Hellboy creator Mike Mignola among its concept artists and an absolute who’s-who of the very best big screen creature designers and puppeteers of the past decades. This Blu-ray also features The Narrative of Victor Karlock, another McTurk film featuring his stunning puppets.

Click HERE to see trailers for both films and click HERE to purchase the Blu-ray.

The Walking Dead Returns This Sunday, February 14

the_walking_deadTaking off right where mid-season six ended, AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for another eight episodes this Sunday, February 14, and introduces a new character directly from the comic series, Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Watchmen). Like other characters lifted straight from the comic, the writers of the show have not given much information regarding the specific details about Negan, though one can only assume his character spells trouble for Rick Grimes and his extended family.

AMC have uploaded the first four minutes of the episode, which you can watch right HERE.

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