News Round-up Week Ending 11 November 2016


The Horror Channel has seven network premieres in store for November

The Horror Channel has announce a powerful line up of seven network premieres for the month of November, featuring a mixture of recent releases and genre classics. The more recent releases include Antiviral (pictured above), Final Girl and Dead Snow 2: Red Versus Dead, while the Wes Craven classic The Hills Have Eyes leads the way for a powerful showing of classics. Full listings are available on The Horror Channel’s website, here.

Pop! Vinyl Resident Evil figures to be released just in time for Christmas


If you find yourself stuck for a gift for the horror fan in your life, Pop! may just have the answer. Coinciding with the release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the last of the Hollywood movies set around the misdeeds of the nefarious Umbrella corporation, Pop! has launched a range of vinyl figures inspired by the film and game franchise. Featuring fan favourites such as the licker, Leon, Jill and Nemesis, the Resident Evil range will be available very soon.

Genre series Dead of Summer canned after disappointing first season


Fans of the Friday the 13th homage series Dead of Summer will be disappointed to learn that it has been cancelled after just one season. With the cancellation thought to be down to lukewarm fan reactions and a questionable reliance on just about every horror cliché in the book, Dead of Summer is, well, dead.

Production starting on An American Werewolf in London remake


Some thirty five years after the original, a remake of An American Werewolf in London is in production, with Max Landis—son of the original’s director, John Landis—on writing and directing duty. He will work with Robert Kirkman and David Alpert—producers of The Walking Dead. No potential release date has been set as yet, but we will bring you more news on this story as we have it.


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