News Round-up Week Ending 11 January

Texas Chainsaw

New Lansdale Novella

Joe Lansdale has signed up with Dark Regions Press to produce a novella for the Black Labyrinth series. Lansdale will produce an original novella of psychological horror that will be available to order on the Dark Regions website on 12 November.

More Lovecraft on DVD

Second Sight Films have announced that Stuart Gordon’s HP Lovecraft adaptation From Beyond will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD on 25 February. The team that brought you Re-Animator  have reunited to bring another shocking gorefest to your screens. The film will also be available in a stunning limited edition packaging.

Texas Chainsaw takes over

Texas Chainsaw 3D has massacred the competition, namely The Hobbit, to take the #1 position in the US Box Office. With the film already taking over $23 million State-side alone, there is already talk of a sequel to this current horror smash.


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