News Round-up Week Ending 10 December 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

TenYearsGoneNew from writer HP Newquist and Relayer books, Ten Years Gone, a new novel of horror

Every November for nearly a decade, a body has been found hanging from a tree outside the town of Kerrville. As the tenth year approaches, the killer leaves clues that indicate there will only be one more murder. A reality show and its celebrity host decide that this last murder could be the ratings they’ve always wanted–and they are determined to find the murderer before the police do. But the police–and the killer–think that is a very, very bad idea. Ten Years Gone is the new novel from the author of Behemoth. Available now in paperback, you can pick up your copy here.


Free, this Sunday 12 December, The New York Ghost Story Festival

When the year grows old and December’s daylight departs too soon it is time to fill the dark nights with stories of ghosts and the supernatural. Welcome to The New York Ghost Story Festival 2021. An annual event of ghost story readings and discussion hosted by Daniel Braum author of Underworld Dreams. Featuring authors of the uncanny, strange and fantastic from New York and around the globe. For full information, check out the event details on the Facebook page, here.

Paradise CropParasite Crop, the new novel from author Mark Cassell and Caffeine Nights Publishing, out now

Twelve-year-old Sydney often looks out across the ocean, recalling the night in which the ship sank. He still tastes the salt water that stole his life over one hundred and fifty years ago. Cane and Jo visit Dungeness, combining a family reunion with a house hunt. Not only do they discover two generations of secrets, they also unearth a local horror beneath the shingle beach. When the lives of Sydney and the couple entwine, the crop has other ideas about the true meaning of happily ever after. Surviving the harvest is the easy part … Available now in eBook, with a paperback to follow soon, you can pick up your copy now, here.

MutantWaterDevilsOut now from author Thomas E. Staples, The Mystery of the Mutant Water Devils

There’s always something beneath the surface. When a body crops up under strange circumstances in the town of Shawton, two local inspectors – Joel and Gina – are baffled by the case, pushing them to request the services of one vaguely notorious plonker: Anna Pendleton. With the many tides closing in around her, the young private detective must solve the mystery of what is lurking beneath the water, and discover why everyone has been acting so strangely before the whole town succumbs to the terror from the deep. Anna Pendleton’s second adventure in the Pendleton Case series, The Mystery of the Mutant Water Devils, is a snappy, blood-filled horror-comedy, and a triumphant follow-up to The Case of the Giant Carnivorous Worm. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.

WhereDecaySleepsWhere Decay Sleeps, the new dark poetry collection from Anna Cheung and Haunt Publishing, out now

Where Decay Sleeps lays 36 poems on the undertaker’s table, revealing to us the seven stages of decay: pallor mortis, algor mortis, rigor mortis, livor mortis, putrefaction, decomposition and skeletonisation. Readers are summoned to walk the Gothic ruins of monsters, where death and decay lie sleeping. Tread carefully through Satan’s garden. Feast your eyes on the Le Chateau Viande menu (before your eyes are feasted upon). Read the bios of monsters on Tinder. Discover the unpleasant side effects of a werewolf ’s medication. Blending traditional Gothic imagery, modern technology and Chinese folklore, Where Decay Sleeps is the debut poetry collection from the haunted mind of Anna Cheung. Pick up your copy direct from the publisher, here.


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