News Round-up Week Ending 1 July 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

AmazingOfferCharity anthology, Amazing Offer!, edited by S. D. Vassallo and Elle Turpitt, out now from Brigids Gate Press

Amazing Offer! is a charity fantasy and horror anthology benefiting the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Inspired by vintage ads, the stories and poems will remind readers of the ads that once appeared in magazines, newspapers, and comic books, from face cream to man eating plants. This anthology features work from Angelica Fiori, Allen Ashley, Ann Wuehler, Ben Walker, Catherine McCarthy, Cindy O’Quinn, Edward Barnfield, Julie Sevens, Marilyn Cavicchia, N S Ford, Nicholas Hayes, Nikki R. Leigh, Norbert Góra, Patricia Miller, Patrick Barb, Sarah Budd, Sarah Jane Huntington, and Simon Clarke. At the time of print, 100 million people have been displaced globally. The IRC helps families that had to make the excruciating decision to flee their homes. All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to the IRC. To pick up the book in eBook or paperback and make your contribution to this great cause, click here.

ExeterIncidentOut now on Godless and coming soon to all major booksellers, The Exeter Incident, by David Watkins

As a series of gruesome murders are discovered in Exeter, Detective Inspectors Danni Brent and John Carter begin to suspect the killer may not be human. Their investigation is only a few hours old when they also realise the murderer can’t be acting alone. There’s more than one. A lot more. Paul Kingston is on the run and hiding in Exeter. Whilst trying to secure a new identity, he comes face to face with an impossible monster. Hunted, alone and afraid, who can he turn to? Who can he trust? None of them know that Exeter is about to experience its darkest day. None of them know time is running out. The clock is already ticking…. Available in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow, you can get your copy here.

FortySevenOut now from writer Adrian Baldwin and Demain Publishing, Forty Seven

Lack of fame is the least of Colin’s problems though; besides being extremely short-sighted, considerably overweight, an incurable hoarder and an unsociable loner, he also has an unstable personality, a terrible dark secret, and deep-rooted anger issues. The neighbours next-door call him Creepy or Stinky and treat his garden as if they own the place. Scum, that’s what they are! Filthy trash! As soon as Colin makes his fortune, he’s moving far away from this horrible estate, that’s for certain. But first he’d sure like to put that little hellcat Leanne in her place. Deep down he knows the precocious little she-devil only flirts with him to mock him, she clearly hates his guts. And the sad truth is that most of Colin’s physical contact is usually paid for. That said, however, much of his lustful gratification ends up ‘free’ – after all, what good is cash to someone who will never get the chance to spend it? Available now in eBook, with a paperback to follow, you can grab your copy here.


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