News Round-up Week Ending 1 December 2023

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

derelict frontOut now from authors John Durgin, John Lynch and Jay Bower, and Crystal Lake Publishing, The Conservator’s Collection: Derelict

Eternal. Timeless. The Keeper of Darkness…

Nestled deep within shadowed alcoves lie books bound in human skin. Pages drenched in crimson recount tales once believed to be mere myths, now unveiled by The Conservator. For countless years, he has journeyed through forgotten realms, safeguarding and cherishing tales of terror lost to time. Now, he presents a trio of the most chilling legends plucked from the abyss.

The journey into the macabre begins with John Durgin’s “Blank Space,” a harrowing tale that introduces us to Helen Crowe, a presence that lingers long after the last word. Venture further, and you’ll encounter Jay Bower’s “Eyebiters Revenge.” A tale of friends who sought to commune with the spirits in a forsaken school, only to stumble upon a malevolence far more terrifying. Concluding this dark odyssey is John Lynch’s “Expiration of Sentence.” Within the cold, echoing walls of a prison, an unspeakable evil lurks, ensuring no soul finds solace.

In this limited edition hardcover, The Conservator curates a trilogy of terror, beckoning you to step closer. Dare you answer his call?  You can pick up your copy here, now.

TheFollyArriving 5 December from author Gemma Amor and Polis Books, The Folly

Morgan always knew her father, Owen, never murdered her mother, and has spent the last six years campaigning for his release from prison. Finally he is set free, but they can no longer live in the house that was last decorated by her mother’s blood. Salvation comes in the form of a tall, dark and notorious decorative granite tower on the Cornish coastline known only as ‘The Folly’. The owner makes them an offer: take care of the Folly, and you can live there. It’s an offer too good to refuse.

At first the Folly is idyllic, but soon a stranger arrives who acts like Morgan’s mother, talks like her mother, and wears her dead mother’s clothes. Is this stranger hell-bent on vengeance, in touch with her restless mother’s spirit itself, or simply just deranged? And, most importantly, what exactly happened the night Morgan’s mother died? Available for pre-order now in eBook, hardcover and audiobook editions, you can guarantee your copy now.

1. INCIDENT Front Cover (002)Out now from writer Joe R. Lansdale and illustrator Ted DiLucia, and Crystal Lake Publishing, Incident on and off a Mountain Road

In the haunting stillness of the moonlit woods, Ellen’s fight for freedom becomes a chilling struggle for survival against the bloodthirsty whims of Moon Face-a nightmare that illustrator Ted DiLucia brings to visceral life, marrying Joe R. Lansdale’s raw prose with a stark, cinematic vision.  Available now in this limited, fully illustrated, hardcover edition, you can pick up your copy here.


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