News Round-up Week Ending 1 April 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

BookQueerSaintsOut now, edited by Mae Murray, The Book of Queer Saints

In this debut horror anthology by editor Mae Murray, queer villains reign supreme. The Book of Queer Saints features 13 short stories and a lineup that includes renowned authors Eric LaRocca, Hailey Piper, and Joe Koch. Joining them are the innovative visions of Briar Ripley Page, Nikki R. Leigh, Joshua R. Pangborn, Eric Raglin, Belle Tolls, Perry Ruhland, James Bennett, LC von Hessen, K.S. Walker, and George Daniel Lea. A fresh blend of transformative body horror, crimson-coated romance, and monstrous eroticism, this anthology is sure to satisfy your every depraved itch. Foreword by Sam Richard of Weirdpunk Books. Available right now in eBook and paperback editions you can grab your copy here.

Shadow Flicker by Gregory Bastianelli - coverAvailable now from Flame Tree Press and author Gregory Bastianelli, Shadow Flicker

Investigator Oscar Basaran travels to Kidney Island off the coast of Maine to document the negative effects of shadow flicker from wind turbines on residents living near the windmills, but is unprepared for what he encounters from the islanders. Oscar’s research shows that sleep deprivation, light deficiency and ringing headaches brought on by the noise and constant strobe-like effect of the sun filtered through the spinning blades of the turbines brings on hallucinatory episodes for the closest neighbors to the machines. Melody Larson’s elderly father nearly chokes to death after stuffing dandelion heads into his mouth. The Granberrys’ pregnant cow repeatedly runs headlong into a fence post. Tatum Gallagher mourns her young son who vanished more than a year ago, presumed swept out to sea by a wave while fishing on the rocky shore, but several people claim to see him appear only in the glimmer of the shadow flicker. While it seems the shadow flicker effect has driven some of the island’s animals crazy, is it possible it’s caused an even worse mental breakdown among the human inhabitants? Or is something more nefarious at work on the island? As Oscar’s investigation deepens, he discovers the turbines create an unexpected phenomena kept secret by a select group of people on Kidney Island who have made a scientific breakthrough and attempt to harness its dark power. Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover editions, you can pick up your copy now, here.

ECPT-front-scaledEvery Crawling, Putrid Thing, the new collection from writer David Busboom and JournalStone, coming 8 April

In his debut collection, David Busboom presents fifteen tales of dark fantasy and horror, populated by bizarre reptiles, occult serial killers, carnivorous protoplasms, and parasitic worms. A child faces down the giant ape destroying his parents’ marriage. A cheating husband wakes up to find his hand replaced by a mucous-covered tentacle. A Midwestern office complex becomes the setting for a ghastly, apocalyptic nightmare. Within these pages you’ll find strange creatures sliding over dark country roads and twilit train tracks, detectives and swordsmen fighting through occult mysteries and marauding fish-men, a shunned filmmaking prodigy’s deadly magnum opus, and the seductive death of innocence. You’ll find regret, self-destruction, and relationships gone bad. Here, where weird pulp horror meets the darker sides of love and disillusion, you’ll find slime, and stink, and Every Crawling, Putrid Thing. Available to pre-order now in eBook and paperback formats, you can guarantee your copy here.

things-i-didn-t-know-my-father-knew-the-best-short-stories-of-peter-crowther-5158-pNew from Cemetery Dance Publications and PS Publishing, Things I Didn’t Know My Father Knew, the best short stories of author Peter Crowther

Published by Cemetery Dance Publications, Things I Didn’t Know My Father Knew is a collection of twelve of the best stories by author Peter Crowther. Presented as a deluxe jacketed hardcover or with a signed slipcase (limited to 500 copies), this collection is available now. Pick up your copy here, at the PS Publishing online store.


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